DecentWorld On Building NFT Metaverse to Increase Trust in Virtual Real Estate

The start of March, 2022 marks the launch of a new, innovative and unique Swiss owned virtual reality game, DecentWorld.

The start of March, 2022 marks the launch of a new, innovative and unique Swiss owned virtual reality game, DecentWorld.
The platform allows users to buy and later sell digital real estate assets. Soon DecentWorld users will be able to artfully combine their NFT Streets into standalone Collections, which would garner yield. Such a new approach to pay to play gaming is a true NFT space changer.

The project’s creators agreed to share some exclusive information on their project, and the unique asset trading possibilities it brings to the table. 



Access for All

DecentWorld combines blockchain technology, aspects of the long held traditions of financial asset management, and the newest trends in gamification, topping it all off with a stylish appearance and luxurious feel. Powered by clean and carbon neutral blockchain technology, DecentWorld will benefit the entire metaverse.

“We wanted to take what is known, what is good and proven to work, and make it into something that will allow any user to buy unique street NFTs, and later receive yield. We were firm about this vision from the very beginning - our goal was to make this accessible to as many people as possible. That is why we chose to digitalise the entire world, and make it decent,”

DecentWorld team shared.

Integrated KYC and user verification processes, as well as data privacy, security, and two factor authentication, are some of the platform’s notable security features. What is more, DecentWorld has its own native currency, DWRLD – a fixed supply utility token.


According to the project’s team, initially they evaluated the most vulnerable aspects of the NFT gaming process and decided to apply the Swiss approach to it. By setting up a thorough and agile creation process with some of the industry’s top talents, the team was able to work as efficiently as a Swiss watch.


Combining Games and NFTs

Thus DecentWorld was born; a quality platform built with Swiss craftsmanship, encompassing the necessary security features, and applying engaging game logic to bring a unique experience to anyone looking to purchase and trade virtual real estate in an entertaining way.

“It is the future. After all, almost every progressive government in the world is now looking into blockchain technology as a primary way for various systems to adapt to the user trends. However, we are not seeking to be on blockchain, just for the sake of being on blockchain. What makes sense to be on chain, we have on-chain. We decided to put a spin on what already exists in the NFT world by making it certified, trusted, and secure. We want our users to know exactly what steps they are taking,”

the team underlined.

According to them, it’s important to not only offer users on-chain and off-chain transactions, integrating popular web3 wallets, but to also bring in the best practices from the traditional world. 

Therefore, user owned assets and NFTs are also certified. The unique NFT ownership certification not only features high-level security details, but is also crafted using centuries-old graphic practices, derived from numismatics and jewelry art. 

Carefully structured and sustainable tokenomics preclude any potential instabilities. 

Swiss credibility is acknowledged around the globe. DecentWorld is owned by “Swiss Asset Management AG” – a company with deep-rooted traditions in providing licensing, as well as other services and solutions in the financial and compliance areas. 


Intuitive and Exciting

As fresh as the clean, crisp Alpine air, DecentWorld’s system interface will guide you through a carefully considered and exciting user experience and journey. The highly-skilled design team has worked extensively to create something clean, exciting, and elite.

Soon users will be able to enjoy the price offering options for P2P transactions on the secondary market, and even the ability to promote their Assets. The process is designed and integrated in a way that gives DecentWorld users the ability to increase property values by just a few clicks. Cashier options already include bank transfer, card, and crypto payments and will soon have instant currency exchange facilities.

Users will also be able to fully customize their profiles, and level up as they collect more Assets. This engaging and intriguing user journey will have the users experience life in the DecentWorld platform beyond their imagination. 

What is more, an in-platform messaging system will allow users to quickly and efficiently communicate with each other. DecentWorld users are already able to obtain support whenever they might need it, with customer service available 24/7.

“We build as we go. What matters to us is quality and feedback, and we do not want to rush into making any products that are not [up] to our standards. It's a dynamic system. One of our goals is to move from a legacy economy to an internal one, and that is why we plan to open our APIs and invite other developers to integrate their apps into the DecentWorld ecosystem ”,

DecentWorld team shared.

DecentWorld will also offer attractive affiliate programs, and bonus systems. A full mobile version and mobile app will be available from the second stage of the project’s development, on Q3 2022.

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