DecentWorld Metaverse On Bridging Our and Virtual Realities

Currently, platform users can acquire Street NFTs, choosing from a plethora of millions and millions of real world streets on the platform’s internal Map

Are you ready for new ways to explore NFT metaverse platforms? Look no further – DecentWorld, a freshly launched virtual real estate metaverse, is here to change the way users experience in pay-to-play virtual real estate buying. 
DecentWorld, owned by Swiss Asset Management AG, is part of a wider Swiss financial product ecosystem, where every user is able to explore the unique opportunity to acquire, trade, and modify their real-world real estate assets. By using bullet-proof game logic, this technology is inviting to explore the metaverse world.  

DecentWorld Real Estate NFTs

Powered by blockchain, the DecentWorld platform connects collectors, traders, agents, companies, and anyone who intends to explore the full potential of acquiring unique, digitally enhanced, digital real estate assets. 


Currently, platform users can acquire Street NFTs, choosing from a plethora of millions and millions of real world streets on the platform’s internal Map. Soon users will be able to combine these NFTs into exciting Collections, and later even purchase Building NFTs and more.

“For now DecentWorld is mainly 2D, but we are already developing a 3D environment using the latest “Unreal” technology, which is a major step towards bridging our and virtual realities. All of the Streets and Buildings will become 3D NFTs and will allow for an even more immersive metaverse experience”, share the project representatives.

According to them, the real estate business has gone beyond the physical realm of things. Instead, virtual real estate acquisitions can be made in a virtual world powered by blockchain technology.

 "If you can't afford a plot of land on New York Street in the real world, you can certainly afford one in our immersive metaverse game for a lower price. We searched for that middle ground when creating our system. 

The hottest game in town currently is the NFTs with a lot of hype generated in that field. NFTs are very multidimensional: ranging from the completely decentralized geeky kind, where you host it yourself, to traditional virtual games. We seek to position ourselves somewhere in between,” notes the project team.

On the DecentWorld platform, users will be able combine their assets into thought-through artsy Collections that each tell a different story. The fully combined Collections could be staked for a preset amount of time and generate yield.


What is more, users soon will be able to put their virtual NFT Streets to the internal Marketplace, acquire new property by bidding, or directly buy the Streets listed by users or agents from all around the DecentWorld.

“Community is at the center of DecentWorld. The community permanently owns their digital Assets, giving the users complete control over their virtual property for trading, exchanging and gifting. Through P2P transactions, it increases property value on the secondary market”, says the DecentWorld team. 

In the future, users can expect to benefit from both on-chain and off-chain transactions integrated with popular web3 wallets. Carefully structured tokenomics helps to ensure the sustainability of user experience.

Additional Security Features

When it comes to digital transactions, the DecentWorld team highlights the importance of safety. Features such as integrated KYC and user verification processes, two-factor authentication, and data privacy measurements are key factors allowing a unique and safe way to explore the metaverse. 

"It is not enough to have, for example, two-factor authentication. We are using KYC which is a leading tool in the industry, in addition - a “Global Pass”, which is your digital identity, something like a digital passport. In such a complex virtual environment it is crucial to always look for the next step, to strive for better. Same applies for safety”, says the DecentWorld team.

The team shared that this is just a start. After the Collection launch, in later stages the project will shift its focus from 2D to 3D environment, and move from legacy to an internal DecentWorld economy. 

Project development team is also planning to open their APIs for other apps to join, thus expanding the DecentWorld platform into something that is sustainable and relevant to an ever wider base of users. The goal is to become fully decentralized.

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