DecentWorld Launches The Long Awaited Collections

Following a roaring kick-off, DecentWorld, a digital real estate metaverse platform is serving another ace – the platform has launched the long-awaited Collections.

Following a roaring kick-off, DecentWorld, a digital real estate metaverse platform is serving another ace – the platform has launched the long-awaited Collections. Through artistically crafted user journeys, members of DecentWorld will now be able to not only collect digital real estate NFT Assets, but also use them as a tool to generate yield. The project team says Collections are an unprecedented feature based on the complexity of their tokenomics and user experience.
Up until now, DecentWorld users were able to explore the project’s main feature – its geo-based Map, a digital copy of almost every street in the world which has recently been expanded to a whopping number of 18.5 Million Streets ready to be put on blockchain as NFTs.

Meanwhile, the Collections is a truly unique-to-the-market process that allows the DecentWorld metaverse users to essentially enable their digital real estate to work for them, passively generating yield.

Way To Receive Rent-like Rewards

A Collection on DecentWorld is a compilation of specific digital Street NFTs, united by a theme. The first drop includes the Collections for the Top 100 best cities in the world, which have been carefully selected based on the research of the openly available data. The internal research team gathered and analyzed big data for real estate pricing, GDP per capita rankings, happiness index, and other important criteria that make a city great to live in. 


The DecentWorld team also confirmed that Collections will be updated regularly, with more cities and topics to be added each quarter.

DecentWorld’s Collections share the logic similar to that of the Street NFTs and have two major types to choose from. Those are the unlimited System Collections, available in four different levels; and Unique Collections which are limited, exclusive sets with pre-selected Streets that carry the highest value. 

Completed and staked Collections generate yield – the higher the Collection level, the higher its yield rate. Users are also given an option to choose between flexible and locked staking conditions, depending on the user’s needs and chosen strategy.


“The outcome that we have now is actually way different from the ideas we had before. Our team applied intricate research and blockchain development processes in order to deliver this to our users. Collections that we have now are a distinctive functionality, with state of the art logic and seamless fulfillment,” the DecentWorld team shared.

According to platform creators, they wanted to give users an opportunity to strategize. For example, users who are focused on the long run can stake their Collections for up to a year, with the Locked staking condition – this combination of options generates the highest payout rate. 

Those users who wish to focus on personal trading and benefit more from rare Street NFT sales can choose a Flexible staking condition that allows disassembling a Collection at any time and trade the Streets separately on the soon-to-be-launched secondary Marketplace.

Collections As Gamified User Journeys

Up until now buying virtual Street NFTs was the star feature attracting metaverse enthusiasts from across the internet. With the addition of Collections, users will be invited to embark on completely new, gamified journeys. Users will not only be able to receive payouts just by owning Street NFTs but also to enjoy the educational aspect of exploring historical sites and objects. 

“Collections came naturally. This was us tapping into the core of human psychology. We as a species like something scarce, we like to compete, collect, and assemble. We wanted to give our users a path to go through, a challenge to take on. Collections are a perfect way for doing so. We enable users to go on a mission, asking to complete specific tasks”, the team said.

DecentWorld is eager to keep offering users more attractive features to keep its audience entertained. The project map is packed with new and upcoming releases scheduled for this year: Secondary Marketplace, the opening of the first DecentWorld 3D environment – Downtown Dubai, with multiplayer and interactive messaging channels, 3D Building NFT sales, and more.

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