DecentWorld Creators: It Takes Trust To Be Metaverse Gateway for Businesses

Within a week after launching, nearly a thousand Street NFTs were sold as a part of the Collections.

These days, launching a nicely looking virtual space is not enough—the wave of newly launched metaverse projects has pushed the creators to go the extra mile and beyond. The development of the Swiss metaverse platform DecentWorld has also taken up the pace. Following the robust launch in March 2022, and the recent release of Collections that generated $5 millions of sales within a week, the DecentWorld team is gearing up for further developments and exciting releases.
Having a bullet-proof logic, a clear vision, and a dedicated team of professionals were key factors for the success of DecentWorld, but they are already focused on their next steps. More ways to benefit the users with a GameFi logic, an immersive 3D environment and business integrations—these are only a few of the upcoming features according to the project’s team.

Features That Build User Trust

Launching a platform with an extensive and already finished version of the digital Map gave DecentWorld a solid advantage: not only their quality-focused product received immediate attention due to its uniqueness, but it also attracted early users, who brought in $24 millions of sales within the first months. 


A feature that immensely strengthened the user trust was the Collections—a unique-to-the-market product that not only brought a gamified aspect to the platform, but also allowed users to start passively generating yield. 

Within a week after launching, nearly a thousand Street NFTs were sold as a part of the Collections, 3 out of 6 Unique Collections—the most valuable type—were completed and staked, and the total value of sales reached a whopping amount of $5 million.

“In the age of emerging metaverses, it is crucial to move fast and always be one step ahead. We are here to stay for the long-term and therefore we are committed to delivering valuable, quality-based features to our current and potential user base ,” the DecentWorld team says.

After the Collections went live, the creators of DecentWorld served another ace by introducing the Secondary Market, enabling users to buy and sell digital real estate NFTs from each other. Within the first days of the Secondary Market being live, users were already making millions from NFT trading: the first Street sold was the South Las Vegas Boulevard for $1.25 million; its original owner made $1 million of benefit from this trade.

“With the secondary market, there are even more options for users to receive yield. By putting their NFTs up for sale, users are now able to focus on NFT trading and benefit from the secondary sales. The first deals closed within a few days since the release proved that this feature was a long-awaited one, and will benefit our users immensely” the team explains.

Another release coming soon is the DecentWorld Exchange feature: proofed with the most advanced security features, it will facilitate the instantaneous buying, selling, transferring, and storage of various currencies – both crypto and fiat. Access to different payment methods will make the exchange experience smooth and swift.

Further Developments and 3D

Contrary to other players in the market, DecentWorld is a controlled environment, built and maintained by industry professionals. To continue building a quality based environment that would bring long-term value, further developments cannot be imagined without an immersive 3D layer. 


“Having a real-time rendering of a 3D environment is a crucial part of the metaverse, allowing us to provide a fully immersive experience to our users. It also brings more ways to integrate for our partners. We’re moving ahead and plan to present it in the next few months,” the DecentWorld creators reveal.

With the opening of the first 3D environment, the DecentWorld team is planning to release the first 3D city – Downtown Dubai. The immersive layer will not only change the way the user interface looks, but will also enable creators to expand depth-wise, making further development of inside spaces, allowing buildings to be populated with galleries, shops, offices and more.

In the same quarter, 3D Buildings will become available to the Marketplace as standalone NFTs, allowing the possibility of owning, selling, or even renting such spaces like world-famous galeries or malls.

The last milestone planned for 2022 is launching DecentWorld e-commerce. Having an extensive, realistic, quality based digital copy of the real world, DecentWorld will become a gateway for businesses to enter the metaverse. Any progressive companies or creators will be able to join the virtual economy and reach future generations effortlessly.

About DecentWorld

DecentWorld is a Swiss metaverse digital real estate platform built on blockchain technology to introduce a next-generation web3 experience. The platform allows members to purchase and trade digital Street NFTs, which can then be combined into Collections. Completed and staked Collections have additional value as they generate yield that is paid out to the owner. Using state of the art security features, DecentWorld also stands for trust and transparency in the blockchain industry.


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