DecentWorld: Creating a Digital Copy of Planet Earth Made Possible?

Seems like creating a metaverse has been a new business goal for many non-fintech enterprises.

Seems like creating a metaverse has been a new business goal for many non-fintech enterprises. While business giants are striving to introduce their custom metaverse solutions, DecentWorld – digital real estate platform – has taken another approach. The Swiss-backed project offers businesses to implement their vision into their solid metaverse platform, instead of creating custom worlds. 
DecentWorld metaverse has another business edge – its platform is a carbon copy of the real world, which makes the onboarding process that much more seamless. The project team says   that creating a virtual copy of the entire world was quite an ambitious goal both in research and technical terms.

Creating a Digital Copy of the Planet

Unlike other metaverses in the industry, DecentWorld has chosen a distinct approach to the digital world. Instead of creating a fantasy world, the team decided to start with a virtual copy of planet Earth. 


To make the DecentWorld metaverse platform a reality, the team is merging different technologies to create a digital world. 

Departing from software development, the project’s developers use .net, Java. The asset level is empowered by blockchain technology and merged with 3D graphical gaming technology, such as Unreal Engine, to render the 3D environments. 

Although the company is not planning to make its own hardware, they agree that it will become a crucial area in later stages of the project.

DecentWorld is a brandame owned by Swiss Asset Management AG, which is part of the broader Swiss financial product ecosystem. Switzerland has long been the center of the tech industry, especially for successful blockchain project development. 


The idea to create the real-world-based metaverse was born intuitively, after years of market watching. The DecentWorld team feels enthusiastic about the current times, as the development of VR hardware and blockchain technologies has enabled a shift from the internet network to the metaverse.

“We had all of these ideas and different skill sets from different projects under one roof. Naturally, the creation of a metaverse was kind of connecting different dots – connecting blockchain technology with our identity tools and just taking an extra step. That’s how DecentWorld was born,” the team explains. 

As the real world gets more and more entwined with virtual realms, the question of identity will become one of the main pillars for the development of a metaverse. According to the team, DecentWorld merges several aspects of their broadr business ecosystem – the digital identity and monetary aspects enabled by blockchain technology.  

The latter also empowers users to hold full ownership of one’s data; the groundbreaking technology is the key in the shift towards web3, where owning your data will be standard. 

“We wanted to take one step further and not be just the usual KYC tool. We asked ourselves, how can we push it further? So it’s just taking one step more. It’s a natural evolution of ideas,” said the team. 

Old Principles Brought to New Life

While creating the virtual environment is an essential aspect of any platform, a good user experience is pivotal in ensuring a virtual world is exciting and successful. Inspired by the crisp, clean Swiss design culture, the team created a gamified metaverse environment.

The creatives decided not to reinvent the wheel and chose to use something as fundamentally simple as the process of collecting. The user’s journey through the DecentWorld platform revolves around Collections. 

As the world moves forward, expanding into digital spaces, DecentWorld is working to set the standard as a fully decentralized, solid metaverse network that ties the gamified virtual reality and tangible world together.

About DecentWorld

DecentWorld is a Swiss metaverse, digital real estate platform built on blockchain technology to introduce a next-generation Web3 experience. The platform allows members to purchase and trade digital Street NFTs, which can then be combined into Collections. Completed and staked Collections have additional value as they generate yield that is paid out to the owner. Using state of the art security features, DecentWorld also stands for trust and transparency in the blockchain industry.

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