DecentWorld Brings a Gamified Experience to Broader Audiences

Whether you are familiar with the concept of the metaverse or not, it is clear that the phenomenon has grown immensely in popularity over the last year.


Whether you are familiar with the concept of the metaverse or not, it is clear that the phenomenon has grown immensely in popularity over the last year. Every day, more and more companies worldwide look to invest in web3, to bring new and exciting experiences to their users by challenging and broadening the conventional ways we think about the world.  
DecentWorld, an immersive, Swiss-owned, blockchain-based metaverse, made huge strides in the development of new technologies with the launch of its virtual, geo-based map. Through its scarce and unique Street NFTs, the project’s team has made digital real-estate Assets accessible to everyone.

DecentWorld’s Take


Although many projects have typically shaped the metaverse around fantasy settings, the team at DecentWorld decided to explore a different, unique take on the subject. By creating an exact replica of the real world, the developers are betting on the comfort that comes with familiarity and recognition as a selling point for users.

“We are certain that the metaverse is changing how we perceive the world around us. We believe that more and more businesses will coin the idea of joining metaverse space. Already, there have been quite a few significant attempts, like Nikeland, or Gucci Garden. Seems like this trend will continue to grow, especially with Meta’s plans to release virtual social networking,” the DecentWorld team emphasizes.

For the team, the key idea was to make sure that DecentWorld is basing the metaverse environment on the real world as much as possible. Instead of designing a fantasy land, as has been common in this kind of project, DecentWorld took the calculated decision to focus on real estate, and invite users to appreciate architecture and engineering in a new, unconventional, but more exciting way.

A Not-So-New Concept 


The metaverse, as a term, has already been circulating for almost twenty years, though it was largely uncultivated until gaining most of its popularity in 2021. Having previously been used predominantly in the gaming industry, the metaverse is growing into a promising ecosystem that has the potential to bring unique and immersive experiences to users all around the globe.

“With the two simple conditions of having an internet connection and a device, one can access the platform from any corner of the world. This is definitely one of the most appealing arguments to why so many companies and governments worldwide are investing their resources in the metaverse, and in that way expanding the creative possibilities that can be experienced by web users,” the DecentWorld team shares.

GameFi is another trend that has been taking both the blockchain and the gaming world by storm for the past few years. Projects like Axie Infinity have proven to business developers that these two worlds can be merged successfully, without losing on the gaming quality.

Novel Ideas Given the Spotlight 

With the metaverse and GameFi gaining ever more attention, the expectations and visions for it have shifted from being focused around the game-industry, to the broader ambitions of a more diverse audience, driven by the excitement that developments in the new technology promise. 

“Besides the releases that we have talked about continuously, like the 3D Downtown Dubai environment, or the Building NFTs market, we also plan a lot on gaming features. We understand that each type of game has its own audience – think of the people who play GTA, and who play Minecraft. However, we believe that it is possible to have a platform that is sort of a hub for different audiences to find entertainment and to explore collaboration possibilities,” the DecentWorld team explains.

According to experts, due to the metaverse’s potential to reach beyond a single demographic, it stands to have an enormous impact on not only gaming, but also on e-commerce, fashion, entertainment, healthcare, and many more industries. This prospect alone has given a wide spectrum of companies incentive to imagine and develop innovative products, services, and experiences for their customers to engage with.

About DecentWorld

DecentWorld is a Swiss metaverse, digital real estate platform built on blockchain technology to introduce a next-generation Web3 experience. The platform allows members to purchase and trade digital Street NFTs, which can then be combined into Collections. Completed and staked Collections have additional value as they generate yield that is paid out to the owner. Using state of the art security features, DecentWorld also stands for trust and transparency in the blockchain industry.

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