DecentWorld Blockchain-Based Metaverse to Increase Trust in Virtual Real Estate Gaming

Immagine a digital reality that offers unlimited exchange and staking possibilities, and allows you to purchase and trade fully certified real estate NFTs

Immagine a digital reality that offers unlimited exchange and staking possibilities, and allows you to purchase and trade fully certified real estate NFTs. New virtual real estate platform DecentWorld – part of a Swiss financial services ecosystem, has recently opened up its gates to its virtual citizens. DecentWorld is proud of its solid platform where real estate ownership is transformed into an immersive and gamified virtual reality experience.
By redefining the metaverse user experience and offering Swiss craftsmanship and quality, DecentWorld aims to become an industry-wide standard, safe and transparent platform for gamers in virtual real estate for long-term value.

Building the Value

The project brings real-world value into the virtual reality gaming space by entering the next stage for real estate digitalisation. The creators of DecentWorld believe that the real estate business has gone beyond the physical realm of things and real estate acquisitions can be transferred into an immersive, virtual world powered by, so far, the most advanced blockchain technology and gaming elements.


“This is just the beginning. Later on, we plan on inviting real businesses to join our platform in order to create this internal DecentWorld economy”, DecentWorld team shares.

Project team believes that some NFT and trading projects do not have a compelling real estate offer to their users as they mostly focus on selling quadrants of land rather than meaningful real estate. DecentWorld is filling the void by providing easy to access value for its users with a twist of gamified experience. 

Designed by a team of industry professionals, the platform offers the ability to combine real-world streets as NFTs into asset collections that users can trade, sell or stake for long-term value. The team explains that it is a fully dynamic system, where everyone benefits from an active in-platform economy.

One of the main ways to immerse into the game logic DecentWorld platform will offer is by assembling a Collection NFT that generates yield. The Street NFTs that users can easily purchase from the platform’s main feature – virtual map – could be combined into meaningful Collections. 

“Our main goal is to make your experience light and joyful. For the gaming connoisseurs we have prepared unique Collections that will have an even greater benefit and unique artwork. We seek to also provide digital artists with the ability to display their work on our platform, so the Collections seemed like a perfect first step to an open NFT marketplace” the team explains. 

KYC Solutions for Safety

KYC solutions are becoming more commonplace beyond the traditionally regulated banking and finance sectors. Compliance is now mandated across many jurisdictions for additional industries such as real estate and video games.


“Recently, the industry has seen rising safety issues. DecentWorld has partnered up with the leading providers of KYC solutions, GlobalPass AG, to streamline its customer verification processes and establish the true identity of its online users”, DecentWorld explains.

Implementing customer identity verification creates a safe and fraud-proof network on DecentWorld for transactions to occur and ensure immense value for its users.

DecentWorld itself is owned by Swiss Asset Management AG, a company with deep-rooted traditions in providing licensing, as well as other services and solutions in the financial and compliance areas. What is more, carefully structured and sustainable tokenomics preclude any potential instabilities.

Virtual Real Estate Gaming Worldwide

DecentWorld metaverse is a social community driven virtual reality gaming platform, with an artsy approach. By using best practices taken from the traditional gaming space, this NFT project is putting a focus on art to bring more value, and to make the platform that much more unique. 

DecentWorld outperforms competing metaverse games by its’ reliability through added unique features. For example, not only can users purchase top quality NFTs, but they can also receive carefully designed certificates to prove their asset authenticity. DecentWorld also boasts a robust payment system, cashing options, and instant currency exchange possibility. 

“The platform has its native fixed supply utility currency, the DWRLD token. The token can be used for payments for the NFT assets, future yield payout for Collections, and for paying fees for P2P transactions in the second market when this will be available”, DecentWorld says.

The DecentWorld creative team revealed the prospects of possible future partnerships with real world real estate brands, to provide innovative and fin-tech solutions for users worldwide.

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