Crypto Trading and Investing Has Reached New Heights: Facts and Numbers

Cryptocurrency trading and investing have soared in 2024, marked by Bitcoin’s new all-time high and growing institutional interest.

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Cryptocurrency is an ongoing trend that has drawn the attention of many investors and traders alike. In 2024, the market hit new heights and explored whole new horizons – both in terms of value and widespread adoption from financial institutions and regulators. 


Recently, the cryptocurrency market and specifically the leading cryptos like BTC hit a new all time high. Institutions and EFTs have been largely responsible for the surging prices. This signifies the growing investments in cryptocurrencies by institutions and an overall increased trust in the concept of digital currencies. 

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The Bitcoin sentiment measure, a way to measure the current trust and confidence in the cryptocurrency, reached its highest value ever in March 2024. This is important, because the sentiment is directly related to the overall trust in cryptos. Additionally, a high sentiment is positively correlated to the willingness of people to invest, potentially suggesting a further positive development in the foreseeable future.

The Digital Assets Custody Services market has also reached an all time high this year 2024. Reason for this is an increase in demand and higher investment in digital assets. This proves that cryptocurrencies are here to stay and further penetrate not only the investment landscape, but also our daily lives. 


Here are some additional facts provided by Statista that are a testament for the skyrocketing adoption of cryptos:

  • Coinbase’s user base has more than quadrupled since 2018.
  • There are over 425 million cryptocurrency users worldwide.
  • Over half of Americans aged 18-34 plan to buy Bitcoin in the near future.
  • International B2B blockchain transactions could top $1.7 billion by 2025.

Centralized exchanges are the bread and butter of the cryptocurrency market and are gaining considerably in importance. Their numbers are rapidly increasing, which raises the competition between them, while also presenting a challenge for traders and investors in choosing the right one for their needs. 

At the same time, they are not without their issues – according to DeFiYield, hackers have stolen over $75 billion worth of cryptocurrency since June 2013. The largest attack saw around $40 billion lost. This causes for an increased effort on behalf of existing and new providers of cryptocurrency trading and investing services in multiple areas of security and funds storage.

The VFIN Project: a New Approach to Centralized Exchanges

The VFIN exchange tackles some of the biggest issues that current centralized exchanges are facing, including the lack of security and the dangers of illiquidity events due to a fraudulent behavior of the exchange operator.

The new exchange will implement new standards in security and storage of funds that will be aimed at improving the most basic, yet important prerequisite of cryptocurrency exchanges in general. Through multi-layered authentication systems for private key storage, cold storage of investors’ funds, insurance services and regular, independent audits, VFIN will minimize the dangers of hacking attempts and will adopt a more transparent approach, allowing for a higher degree of trust on behalf of users.

Beyond the design of a basic infrastructure supporting a secure and transparent workflow for users, VFIN will aim to elevate the user experience on the platform itself. Current exchanges are mostly focused on providing access to trading and investing functionalities, but are rarely implementing these within an engaging and fun setting. The VFIN exchange will elevate the experience by integrating the traditional functionalities current market leaders are offering with a wide array of interaction possibilities that will transform the traditional crypto trading to a full-fledged social trading experience. By additionally enriching it with multiple incentive mechanisms such as gamification rewards, this will increase the likelihood users would prefer spending longer on the platform. Longer time spent potentially results in a higher amount of transactions per user basis, as well as the chance of booking one of the paid subscriptions of the exchange that will offer access to more functionalities such as AI trading and automated portfolio adjustments.

The VFIN exchange will be supported by the VFIN token, which will be used to raise the necessary capital for its development. Token holders will be rewarded with 30% of all trading fees the exchange collects, as well as the same share from all revenues generated by subscriptions. The token has already passed its technical audit successfully and will be listed for trading on multiple exchanges until the end of 2024.

To learn more about the VFIN project and its plans to revolutionize the way we trade and invest in cryptos, visit and consider signing up for the whitelist. The token sale will start on the first of June and will allow early adopters who have signed up to get VFIN tokens at a discount of 20%. 

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