Classics Reimagined: What Inspired DecentWorld to Create Collections

New Swiss project DecentWorld created a virtual real estate metaverse in which users can buy and collect digital copies of any street in the real world as NFTs.

With the new age of digital worlds powered by constant technological innovation, legendary games are becoming an inspiration for next-level real estate markets in the metaverse. New Swiss project DecentWorld created a virtual real estate metaverse in which users can buy and collect digital copies of any street in the real world as NFTs. The platform bridges the physical world and the blockchain-enabled digital realm. 
The mechanics of such an approach are similar to that of the board game Monopoly, well known and played by millions around the world – a true classic of the last century. On that same note, DecentWorld is now gearing up to soon launch artistically crafted Collections – sets of themed virtual Assets that bring users on a playful journey and can generate yield through time.

Classic Principles Reimaged for the Digital Real Estate

For many collectors, the value of their collections is not only monetary, but also emotional. The psychology that drives collecting could provide the answer to creating immersive user journeys on digital platforms. 


A well-crafted user journey is key to success in any metaverse space. It encourages individuals to interact, and gives them purpose to explore the platform. The creators of the DecentWorld metaverse explained that the idea to introduce Collections formed their unique approach to creating satisfying user journeys.

"People naturally collect things. That's fundamental for us as a species. That's who we are - we like things that are scarce. We also like to collect, and to compete at that. We think it’s a very natural thing. Think about baseball card books, stickers, stamps, and coins. In a way, it's part of our everyday life, therefore we are not reinventing the wheel here," the DecentWorld team explains.  

In Monopoly, players need to collect a certain amount of streets to put buildings on and make a profit by charging others. The same principles were applied by the DecentWorld team in order to create an appealing and fun user experience for the metaverse, encouraging exploration of virtual real estate.

Collecting the World

Virtual Streets in the DecentWorld metaverse are sorted into different levels depending on the status of their real-world counterparts. The more prominent or prestigious a street is in the physical world, the higher its ranking, and thus the more valuable it is in the metaverse. 

All the digital Street Assets can be compiled into soon to be launched Collections. Through this exciting feature, virtual property owners will be able to group their Assets and create a solid portfolio in the virtual real estate market. Each Collection will serve as a stand-alone NFT on DecentWorld, and generate yield.


The creators of a rapidly developing platform note that this is just the beginning. In the further stages of the project, users will be able to trade their digital NFT Assets on DecentWorld’s P2P marketplace with other users from all around the globe. Another exciting edition will be the launch of the 3D immersive environment that will include game mechanics suitable for the real metaverse connoisseurs. In the future the platform is planning to open their APIs for other developers and businesses to join, allowing easy integrations and product plug-ins.

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