BTC Battles Introduces Its Decentralized Social Game Built on Polygon

BTC Battles proudly presents its decentralized social game constructed on the Polygon network.

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BTC Battles, a new and exciting social game incorporating DeFi, Bitcoin, and prediction elements, proudly presents its decentralized social game, BTC Battles, constructed on the Polygon network. BTC Battles offers a decentralized and transparent gaming experience whereby participants can use their digital wallets. This removes the need to depend on a centralized platform, which should take a significant burden off those previously hit by centralized corporations that failed.  

The objective of the decentralized social game is straightforward: Players are to forecast the direction of the Bitcoin price, whether it will increase or decrease, within a time frame of 60 seconds. In the event that a prediction is accurate, there would be a reward with a monetary prize denominated in $MATIC, as determined by the specified odds for each round. This game is ideal for those enthusiastic about monitoring charts.

The use of the Polygon network for the deployment of the game has resulted in transactions being denominated in $MATIC. The use of Polygon also facilitates the decentralization of the gaming domain, particularly when cryptocurrency users seek avenues to engage with decentralized finance (DeFi) systems without being dependent on centralized companies. The game is very satisfying for those who advocate for decentralization.


The whole system functions via smart contracts on the Polygon blockchain network. Consequently, winnings are immediately sent to the digital wallet of every player, facilitating the game process for all participants. Furthermore, this implies a level of transparency about the execution transactions, therefore instilling players with a sense of assurance that no centralized authority governs the game covertly.

BTC Battles offers fans of gaming systems in the Web2 environment a great experience with its simplicity and quickness. Players can now feel assured knowing that their transactions will be smoothly processed, allowing them to fully concentrate on the gameplay. This addresses a primary concern of players on other comparable platforms, where performance guarantees are lacking, often leading to a disappointing gaming experience.

According to the administration of BTC Battles, Users worried about the security of their cash on the BTC Battles platform have little worry since the famous Certik auditing agency has examined the game’s smart contracts. Certik has conducted audits on prominent platforms and protocols within the cryptocurrency domain, such as Polygon, 1 Inch Network, and PancakeSwap. With the assurance of safety, individuals will be able to engage on the platform frequently, resulting in quicker financial gains compared to waiting for the worth of various tokens to increase.


Many players are already enjoying the benefits and opportunities provided by the platform. What is the reason for your delay? Do not hesitate to seize the opportunity to participate in what might perhaps be the most significant opportunity on Polygon in recent years. Safely enjoy the smooth prediction of $BTC price now with BTC Battles!

About BTC Battles

The game is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, which allows players to make predictions on the price of Bitcoin. Players can join pools that predict whether the price will go up or down, and invest a certain amount of Polygon (MATIC) to participate. The game uses smart contracts to ensure the integrity and security of the game’s results. The final outcome of each round is determined by the expiry rate, which is based on the live market rate of the asset at the time of the round’s closing. Profits are distributed to players in the form of the Polygon (MATIC) token, which is automatically distributed to their digital wallet.


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