Binance Coin (BNB) and Ripple (XRP) Struggle Whilst Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) Keeps Growing

Binance Coin and Ripple are both collapsing and crashing. Both coins are struggling to maintain their value and are constantly facing negative trends.

Binance Coin and Ripple are both collapsing and crashing. Both coins are struggling to maintain their value and are constantly facing negative trends. 
Meanwhile, Orbeon Protocol – in Phase 2 of its Presale, has managed to sell a mind-blowing 63 million tokens already, with serious utility backing up its phenomenal success. 

Let’s look into the crash of the former two coins, and the thrilling success of Orbeon Protocol, to understand what’s happening.

Binance Coin constantly crashing, loss of value

Binance Coin is constantly crashing, losing serious value each time. Though Binance Coin has seen some recent pumps with the dominant position placed by Binance following the FTX controversy, Binance coin is down significantly from its ATH of $650.


Binance Coin isn’t going anywhere, but it could face severe difficulties if drops continue. As a stablecoin, Binance Coin is not a profit rocket – and people may choose to sell off if further drops occur.

Ripple is unable to stay stable, huge peaks and drops

Binance Coin and Ripple are similar, as Ripple is another coin that’s struggling to maintain value or make any increases. XRP is worth $0.46 at the moment. At its height, it was worth nearly $3.00. Ripple has obviously lost something over time. 

Ripple is clearly a struggling coin with big peaks and drops that has serious issues reaching stability. Ripple isn’t the kind of thing you want to invest in if you want huge ROI or stability, it simply isn’t Ripple’s strong suit. 

Orbeon Protocol sells out at presale, continues growing

Orbeon Protocol is based on the idea of crowdfunding genius ideas and businesses, by using fractionalized NFTs as a form of equity in the fundraising startup. It means that for prices as low as $1, everyday investors can finally get their piece of the lucrative startup action, previously impossible without access to an already enormous store of wealth. In this way, Orbeon Protocol represents an undeniable shift in the way VC investment can occur in the future. 


Orbeon Protocol offers rock-solid investor protection, with each company carefully vetted – and a ‘fill or kill’ mechanism embedded into each funding smart contract. Any projects which are not successfully funded within their allocated time limit automatically have their investments returned to investors. Orbeon Protocol’s liquidity pool is also locked for 10 years, and as the entire system has been successfully audited by Solid Proof – Orbeon Protocol looks fully secured.

Investors looking to purchase the ORBN token will be pleased to learn staking is possible, providing a healthy passive income. Investors looking to become Orbeon users should know that more benefits await ORBN holders – lower fees, cashback rewards and exclusive VIP access to tantalizing startup funding rounds.

Orbeon Protocol looks set to raise an incredible $10.5m by the end of the presale. Binance Coin and Ripple may find new competition in Orbeon: in comparison, it stands to reason to invest in Orbeon Protocol, both from the perspective of investor and user.

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