Bearish Sentiment Dominates Memecoin Market as DOGE Struggles; Is DTX a Better Choice?

DOGE struggles in this bull run amid the market downtrends. DTX Exchange grabs attention.

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DOGE experiences a price decline amid the broader market correction. Dogecoin news reveals that the bears have taken control of the market sentiment.

The constant downtrend has shaken the investors’ confidence further aggravating the descending momentum. Dogecoin news focuses on its correlation with Bitcoin, suggesting the prevalence of the decreasing momentum till the BTC becomes bearish. Market analysts are skeptical due to Dogecoin’s high correlation to Bitcoin. 

Unveiling Bearish Takeover

DOGE struggles to maintain its top position among the meme coins as the bull run continues with a market correction. Dogecoin news reveals that the DOGE price dropped from $0.161 to $0.146 while other meme coins experienced steady and gradual gains in June.

The DOGE price decline is attributed to several factors, the major ones being the profit-taking following significant increases. Dogecoin news sheds light on the profits obtained by the investors stating that the DOGE prospered, allowing its long-term investors to realize their gains with a 64% YTD price increase. This has resulted in ongoing selling pressure, which lowers the price and decreases demand. 


DOGE’s price has made analysts skeptical of its market performance after a weeklong drawdown following some of the top altcoins.

DTX Exchange Bags Investors with Its Hybrid Features

DTX Exchange has been outshining famous altcoins in the crypto space with its riveting features. The platform has outshined Dogecoin and proved to be a better investment with its hybrid trading model. DTX combines centralized and decentralized exchanges, thereby creating a one-of-a-kind trading platform.

The presale performance has been a testament to DTX’s success in the crypto sphere. It has gathered over $700,000 at the beginning of stage 2 of its presale. Positioned at $0.04, the token is seen at a good place to start. 


Crypto enthusiasts and experts are equally drawn to the emerging platform considering its potential. The non-custodial wallets, no KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements, and distributed liquidity pools have make it an explosive opportunity.

Key Takeaways

News broadcasts the price fluctuations and downtrends faced by the DOGE token amid the market correction. DTX Exchange becomes an interesting opportunity for crypto enthusiasts.

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