Avalanche (AVAX) and Polygon (MATIC) Holders Are Buying As Much As They Can Of This Altcoin

Pullix offers a unique hybrid system that combines the benefits of centralized and decentralized platforms.

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Avalanche and Polygon communities are showing keen interest in a new merging altcoin, Pullix (PLX), amidst Avalanche’s struggle to break resistance and Polygon’s strategic restructuring. Let’s find out why.

Avalanche (AVAX) Struggles To Break Resistance

Avalanche has made headlines with a 71% gain this year, as its total value locked (TVL) surged, indicating a significant increase in user growth. This rally is not just limited to Avalanche but also extends to other tokens within the Avalanche ecosystem, such as JOE and QI, which have seen substantial gains.  Development activity on Avalanche has also increased significantly, with a notable migration of gaming ecosystems from other platforms to Avalanche, highlighting its appeal as a go-to network for Web3 gaming​.

However, Avalanche seems to need help to continue its growth as it lost 10.11% this month. One of the reasons for this is that plenty of Avalanche investors are shifting to Pullix where they expect faster and larger profits. As Avalanche is already well established it’s very hard for it to garner an x100 surge like Pullix is predicted to. Especially with its $13 billion market cap.

Polygon (MATIC) Lays Off Workers

Polygon has been known for its continuous efforts to enhance performance and scalability within the Ethereum ecosystem. Recent developments, such as strategic layoffs for efficiency and a focus on key technological advancements, demonstrate Polygon’s commitment to maintaining its position as a leading platform for Ethereum scaling solutions. 

Polygon Labs announced the layoff of 60 employees, approximately 19% of its workforce. It also introduced a new token, POL, and the project’s evolution beyond its initial second-layer solution for Ethereum. These developments aim to reclassify Polygon’s token away from being just a ‘second-layer token’.

However, as Polygon reached over $7 billion in market cap, many are starting to doubt if it’s a good choice for investors without large capital since it can’t pull an x10 or x100 as it did in the past. Because of this, especially as it lost 6.49% this month, investors who are looking for larger gains are looking at other coins.

Pullix (PLX) Draws Interest

Pullix offers a unique hybrid system that combines the benefits of centralized and decentralized platforms. With rising regulatory pressures, whales are keen to move their funds to DEX platforms. However, a huge vacuum in the market is made because traders don’t have any trading tools on all existing DEX platforms. This is where Pullix comes in. By using an off-chain order book it allows users to control their private keys while also being able to deliver fast trades, leverages, take profits, stop losses, etc. These benefits have been CEX-exclusive so far. Yet, with FTX, Mt.Gox, and recently the Binance plea deal, it’s very risky to keep millions on a centralized exchange.

It doesn’t stop here. Pullix is addressing liquidity issues while offering unique incentives through its “Trade-to-Earn” model. The platform rewards users for trading activities and completing challenges, aiming to create a vibrant community of engaged participants. Pullix’s approach to combining deep liquidity, leverage options, and revenue sharing for PLX token holders offers a compelling value proposition for investors from Avalanche and Polygon communities who are keen to make bigger profits than their previous investments can allow them.


The interest in Pullix (PLX) from holders of these tokens underscores the potential seen in Pullix. It’s no wonder analysts are predicting it to surge 200% during the presale and an x100 at the launch date.

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