Artistokens is Positioning Itself as a Decentralized Alternative to Traditional Streaming Services

The art industry is arguably one of the most dynamic in the entertainment world and is also one of the most disadvantaged by the existing centralized system. 

Artistokens is Positioning Itself as a Decentralized Alternative to Traditional Streaming Services

The art industry is arguably one of the most dynamic in the entertainment world and is also one of the most disadvantaged by the existing centralized system. 
Over the years, creators have had to exhibit their creativity by leveraging third-party applications such as streaming services and social networks. Sadly, these third-party applications are largely centralized and, as such, control revenue generation and end up determining the sharing ratio, which often favors the platform more than the creators.

To end this decentralized art exchange protocol, Artistokens is on the mission to give everyone (i.e., users) the freedom to share, stream, and ultimately monetize different art shows or exhibitions of their choice. 


The decentralized protocol is community-led and is largely controlled by a network of users who are collectively addressed as artists. These artists leverage a blockchain-based alternative to existing streaming platforms, publish content, monetize, and distribute them directly to fans. 

With Artistokens in the picture, artists are not only able to bypass the existing centralized system but also maximize their earning potential while building a more intimate creator-fan relationship across the board. However, that’s not to insinuate that content creators alone are the only ones that can benefit from signing up on the platform.

Artistokens artists generally comprise three main categories of users: ‘ performers (content creators),’ ‘Fans (content consumers),’ and ‘service providers.’ While some users fall in just one of these three demographics, others may fall into all three. Regardless, the role played by users of each demographic is distinctive and attracts varying rewards.   

For instance, performers or content creators are tasked with creating and uploading digital art content such as music, movie, artworks, or any other form of creativity they are willing to showcase with their fans. Fans of content consumers are on the platform to support their favorite by streaming whatever there is to stream.


On the other hand, the third category of artist networks – Service providers – are tasked with the immediate responsibility of handling application traffic and securing the network. They can equally participate in streaming songs, art, and shows exhibited by performers.

In terms of reward, the Artistokens network has its own native asset, $ART, which provides network security, as well as exclusive access to unique features, and community governance. Based on the Binance Smart Chain, the $ART token particularly aids all kinds of transactions executed within the platform, allowing holders to consume, share and monetize any art content of their choice.

Speaking on why they want to revolutionalize the creative industry, Artistokens CEO claimed that the project is geared towards helping young people showcase their talents while supporting them achieve their goal. 

The company is ready to support everyone who wants to achieve something in life. Thanks to our platform, young talents have the opportunity to be closer to the stars of sports , stage , cinema,” the CEO added. 

Technology-wise, Artistokens makes use of a mono-repository where all the parts that build and maintain the protocol are contained. Particularly, developers or service providers can access the repository for features, including smart contracts, unique services, and other supporting libraries they may ever need when integrating on the platform.

Artistoken will Eventually Build its own Metaverse

Beyond creating an alternative to traditional streaming services, Artistokens ultimate goal according to the CEO is to create a “world of art game.” This also implies that a metaverse project is in the work, one that will accommodate artists of all genres alongside their fanbase. 

However, unlike the main platform’s structure, the metaverse treats everyone as players who go about collecting rare NFTs, enhancing their attributes and commercializing them via a dedicated marketplace within the artistokens network.

Speaking of NFTs, Artistokens CEO revealed that there will be 3 collections of NFT – ‘Art Bulls,’ ‘Art Panda,’ and ‘Art Lions’ – distributed before the start of sale, during pre-sale, and after presale. Specifically, the CEO claims there are a total of 1111 NFT up for distribution, however, the largest portion of this, ‘Art Lions,’ will be distributed during the initial DEX offering (IDO).

Also, there is another educational feature in the works which will enable keepers of Artistokens NFT to receive non – patent discounts across Art education or sports classes organized within the network’s virtual schools or that of a partner’s schools . So far, Artistokens have successfully partnered with 75 different Art and sports schools with more to be added before the project officially launches.

In the end, Artistokens aims to motivate underprivileged creators and support them in pursuing meaningful lives through gaming and education. 

To learn more about Artistokens please visit the official website, Twitter or contact the team via Telegram or Discord

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