A Guide To Thrive Your Start-Up Business Forward With Crypto Payment Provider Remuno

For both beginners and experts, crypto never fails to include some level of complexity due to its fluctuating and volatile nature.

For both beginners and experts, crypto never fails to include some level of complexity due to its fluctuating and volatile nature. It only becomes difficult to understand when blockchain technology continues to rapidly develop, with other digital components such as GameFi, NFTs and DeFi enhancing.  
Despite the popularity of cryptocurrencies growing in recent years, the majority of online retailers are still sceptical about allowing crypto as a form of payment for goods and services. The element of trust within the world of crypto is something that has been connotated with it since Bitcoin came into existence in 2009.  

 A platform like Remuno aims to prove these sceptistics wrong by aiming to boost retailer revenue through innovating blockchain technology and smart contracts. But how does an organisation like this work?  

The Brief History of Remuno 

As previously mentioned, Remuno is a crypto payment processing platform which allows customers to pay using crypto. It uses the business-to-business (B2B) model and aims to help companies progress by having cryptocurrency as an alternative payment method.  


The team behind Remuno come from experienced backgrounds that include working for institutions such as ASOS and prestigious nightclubs in London. It was here that the collectives came together forming the idea of Remuno – seeing the need for payment products where merchants can easily use a facility allowing customers to pay via crypto. 

An approximate 78% of adults in the UK have heard of cryptocurrencies. Its public awareness and estimated crypto ownership were up to around 2.3 million in 2021, conveying its rapid growth. Therefore, a platform like Remuno would be beneficial for many businesses, as the market and demand for it continue to increase.  

Incorporate Remuno into Your Business Step by Step  

Beginners would often assume that the process of incorporating it on your website would be difficult, but surprisingly, it is the complete opposite. 


By following three simple steps, e-commerce businesses can effortlessly add Remuno to the checkout section of their website. The Remuno journey begins with you contacting them, providing your first and last name, and email address along with a message. Once this message has been received, Remuno will send over a sign-up document where relevant information would need to be provided.  

After that, you will be able to select an integration tool ranging from an API to a PlugIn, which an engineering institution associated with Remuno would be responsible for implementing onto websites.  

Once this is done, the e-commerce can simply place the ‘checkout with crypto’ button in the checkout section of their website. The customer can then select a crypto coin of their choice, ranging from Bitcoin, Ethereum and other tokens that make up 95% of crypto transactions which could be used during checkout.  

Start-up businesses and crypto beginners can have strong reassurance that Remuno will be successful. Its simplistic and autonomous nature allows people who are unaware of crypto to effortlessly implement its function on their e-commerce platform while enhancing the crypto payment experience. 

Learn more about Remuno on their website.

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