4 Crypto Coins That Can Defy The 2022 Crypto Winter

The cryptocurrency market went through a massive surge in 2021 making it one of the best bull runs ever seen in financial markets.

The cryptocurrency market went through a massive surge in 2021 making it one of the best bull runs ever seen in financial markets. From the matured Bitcoin and high-profile Ethereum (ETH) to promising Dogecoin (DOGE) and newly launched FLOW, all made gains. However, the coin market withered a sharp decline in early 2022 and by mid-June the Crypto Winter had become well entrenched.
The downturn in cryptocurrency stocks, however, is triggered by galloping inflation and interest rate hikes globally. Though retail investors continue to panic sell fearing a prolonged bear market, institutional investors remain in the business. Crypto experts also see the volatility as a short-term phenomenon and predict a rebound within a few months. Below are four crypto tokens that are poised to rebound, defy the 2022 crypto winter, and become frontrunners of the coin market.

Ethereum (ETH) 

The old-war horse in the cryptocurrency market is still capable of surging ahead despite confronting a recent crypto crash. Ethereum has survived earlier jolts and continues to recover from the nadir reached on June 13th with high hopes of a quick revival. The Ethereum blockchain remains one of the most used crypto ecosystems and the ETH community holding a $250 billion market capitalization is only second to matured Bitcoin. Merge, the latest Ethereum blockchain incarnation is set to change the dynamics in the cryptocurrency market and bring it back to new heights.  

Flow (FLOW) 

Designed as a digital asset from the very beginning, FLOW commands close to $3 billion in market cap in less than 20 months of its introduction. Highly scalable and purpose-made for gaming, digital art, and other applications, the cryptocurrency ranks among the most efficient in the coin market.


The huge community backing drives the popularity of Flow, which has offered substantial profits to investors. Continued open-source innovation makes the Flow blockchain platform relevant notwithstanding the downward spiral of the cryptocurrency market. An empowering experience entices users to remain invested in it and improve and expand their digital assets.

RobeApe (RBA) 

Investors have started to brand RobeApe, the new Bitcoin or the next Ethereum, as RBA enters the presales stage. Created as a cryptocurrency, RBA brings unique features that may set a bull run in the coin market. RobeApe cryptocurrency learning academy is set to teach investors about crypto stocks and provide market insight.

RobeApe’s burning mechanism restricts RBA circulation preventing a depreciation in its value. RoboApe NFT market has a network of easily accessible avenues alongside flexibility to generate a passive income. Value-based services remain at the forefront of this next-gen blockchain platform and this is sure to stoke popular support defying the 2022 crypto winter. After winter must come spring.

Parody Coin (PARO) 

Another new cryptocurrency, the success of PARO presale stages carries much hope for crypto enthusiasts. Parody Coin may start a new phase of revival in the coin market leaving behind the 2022 cryptocurrency crash. The most remarkable feature of this meme coin is its design to go with inflation but buckle a deflationary trend. It allows the printing of more PARO coins in sync with the market demand. The supply, however, reduces using a burning-out system as soon as demand drops. This controlled scarcity tames volatility and keeps the per-unit value of Parody Coin stable and perpetually in demand.


Parody Coin brings an entirely new ecosystem and investors have started to welcome this break from traditional blockchain platforms. An advanced technological infrastructure enhances and auto rewards investors holding stakes at a greater rate than ever. A key factor in raising its presale profile. Every community member has ample scope to make passive income using its highly-flexible and affordable NFT market. They don’t need a fixed budget to operate and can develop dApps, swap coins, fully control the investment, and print NFTs to increase their gain.

Find out more information on the Parody Coin WebsiteTelegram or Twitter.  You can also find more about presale here.

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