Post-E3 2021 Sentiments: Devolver Digital and Its Meta Humour on NFTs

The geeky crypto world merged with the weird artsy sectors, creating an interesting hodgepodge.

2021 became the year of the NFT. On one hand, it brought mass recognition to the cryptid art. People who had never even heard of coins and tokens, learned about the technological phenomenon through news about NFTs. Moreover, the geeky crypto world merged with the weird artsy sectors, creating an interesting hodgepodge. A bizarre one sure, but still interesting!

Much Room for Improvement

Despite the extreme growth in the popularity of NFT’s, crypto gaming still hasn’t received mass recognition. It happens to be in the embryonic stages of development, even after Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta announcement. We are still seeing a lot of mediocre projects pop up, the main hook of which is just that they are based on blockchain tech and have play-to-earn features, believing this to be enough. On the contrary, a good game consists of way more constituent aspects: gameplay, graphics, design direction, storyline, and much, much more. 

E3 2021 has to be considered the desired destination for blockchain games. Though, only one blockchain game managed to appear during the event: ‘Blankos Block Party’ by Mythical Games. 


However, today’s attendee, an indie game publisher named Devolver Digital, also made some suggestions about NFTs at E3. What’s peculiar about this? The studio presented it in quite an interesting manner. 

Who Are Devolver Digital?

Devolver Digital is the biggest indie games publisher currently operating. The company released such gaming hits as Hotline Miami, Fall Guys, Enter the Gungeon, Katana Zero, The Messenger, My Friend Pedro, Serious Sam, Ape Out, and many others. The company is also widely regarded as “the Rockstar Games” of the indie world, which of course refers to the behaviour of a rockstar. If you don’t believe us – behold…

NFT Goes for Non-F*ckwithable Tape

The Non-F*ckwithable Tape is what Devolver named their ‘only’ “NFT”. Yes that’s right, it is indeed a VHS tape. The type you can only insert in a VHS player to watch Devolver’s E3 presentation on a TV or any other device. 


There was only one copy produced and it was sold for $1K right after the presentation ended. That’s what they call the real NFT! 

Moreover, the way it was presented was quite unique. Instead of the typical set up of game trailers intertwined with talking heads in-between, the company decided to create an entire movie with live actors, and filled it in with tonnes of sarcasm and irony mocking the current gaming industry. That’s how NFTs got caught in the middle. 

The company made fun of a lot of things in the traditional gaming industry. However, NFTs happened to come into the crossfire as well. 

Check out this video snippet featuring the Non-F*ckwithable Tape here:

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