Panther and Velas Partner To Deliver Blazing Fast Private DeFi Experience

Panther Protocol, the end-to-end privacy solution building the privacy layer for Web3 and Decentralized Finance, and Velas, an EVM/eBPF hybrid chain offering up to 75,000 TPS for dApps that require lightning speed and scale, are joining forces in a strategic partnership today.

Based on Solana, but offering EVM compatibility and Solidity support, Velas is building an open-source blockchain world of services and products including Account, Vault and Wallet, allowing users to enjoy a seamless experience and instant, low cost transactions. Velas aims to combine the best qualities of centralized solutions such as UX and speed, with the trustless new paradigms of decentralized solutions.

Velas’s mission is to create and integrate world-changing technology products and services to improve people’s lives all over the globe, and Panther is bringing privacy preserving infrastructure to that nascent, high potential ecosystem

The team at Velas strongly resonates with Panther’s interest in advancing privacy and data protection tools. Therefore, the teams decided to work together on technical integrations. Velas and Panther will share their research for technology development and deployment related to privacy schemes using zero-knowledge proof systems.

Panther Protocol will also enable the cross-chain exchange of private Velas assets thanks to its unique privacy preserving interoperability features. This will accompany the integration of Panther zAssets into the Velas wallet to produce access to on-chain privacy for Velas’ users. Velas’ enterprise clients and customers will greatly benefit from this additional layer of privacy.

“The integration between Velas and Panther Protocol enables the advancement of privacy and data protection tools. We have a big vision for the future of DeFi and Panther fits into that vision as a partner providing decentralized, trustless privacy and interoperability to this burgeoning ecosystem”.

— Oliver Gale, CEO at Panther Protocol

"We are excited to see how this new partnership between Velas and Panther Protocol can move privacy and data protection to a whole new level. Panther Protocol can be perfectly integrated into the Velas Wallet and cross-chain to make Velas assets private”.

— Added Shirly Valge, COO at VELAS

Panther is uniquely positioned to bring private transactions over to the Velas Ecosystem. Velas’ native assets, in turn, will be incredibly beneficial to Panther’s user base and liquidity, strengthening Pather’s Multi-Asset Shielded Pools. Velas’ users will also enter Panther’s staking program and governance, further decentralizing our Protocol.

Velas is a super-fast EVM/EBPF hybrid chain, which inherited the best from Solana’s Protocol and applied it to the EVM world. Access to DeFi privacy for Velas’ users will be vital in attracting more users to the Protocol.

In this role to grow the DeFi ecosystem through Velas’ solutions, their institutional and enterprise clients (which include industry giants such as Coinpayments, Alpina Capital, Mind AI, MarketAcross, Blockchain Suisse, and more) will gain access to Panther’s disclosures and KYC/AML features. Panther’s unique regulation-friendly ZK Reveals will come in handy for these high-caliber players to stay on the law’s better side while retaining access to their data and total privacy and enjoying cheap transaction costs.

In Summary

One of the blockchain ecosystem’s greatest disparities and issues is the lack of intercommunication between protocols. This, along with a lack of privacy across the blockchain board, makes it even more important to create bridges for equal, private access across DeFi.

Blockchains serving institutional clients such as Velas are critical to making the next leap of evolution towards a new financial paradigm. Panther is glad to be able to infuse privacy and zero knowledge compliance features into this growing environment, while advancing the research on the technology that makes it possible.

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