Number of Move-to-earn Player Walken Users Climbs Over 1 million, As The Company Announces New Roadmap

Move-to-Earn mobile app Walken announced the new steps in their project’s roadmap as the user base climbs over 1 million.


Move-to-Earn mobile app Walken announced the new steps in their project’s roadmap as the user base climbs over 1 million. By embracing Web3, the team aims to gamify a healthier lifestyle with the help of blockchain technology. 

Revealed the Roadmap With New Milestones

Walken is a Move-to-Earn mobile app that uses the motion detection capabilities of standard smartphones and wearable devices to capture users’ step counts. By performing physical activities, users are rewarded with WLKN tokens for in-app gameplay and NFTs


As the Walken ecosystem is experiencing extensive growth, the team unveiled the project’s latest roadmap with several key developments. 

One of the milestones for Walken is investing in gaming and gamification. The team is developing a new game featuring the CAThletes.

Also, the company is improving the ranking systems depicting player activity and achievements. To encourage users even more, the Wheel of Fortune will be introduced to reward active players on both Android and iOS.

Another significant milestone for the Walken team is strengthening the community. Walken plans to re-invest the 60 million community-generated tokens in Walken and bring value to the community. Also, develop ‘the Walken Ambassador’ program and a dedicated referral program with associated bonuses.

Growing In-game Economy

Walken shared some of the statistics, which shows a considerable growth of their ecosystem. Walken has over 1.11 million users to date, which is expected to grow to 2 million by Q4 2022.


“One of the main challenges of any gamified web3 project is to make it both fun and sustainable, especially a free2play one. With Walken we are proving the point that it’s possible. We are grateful to our amazing community and work hard to make it even better,” said Walken Co-founder and CEO Alexei Kulevets.

According to the team, the app has 7,000 new unique daily users using Android and 1000 using iOS. The most prominent peaks in numbers were seen in July and August when the number of daily users went over 20 000. Russia accounts for the biggest user base (19.6%), followed by Ukraine (10.4%), India (7.34%), and Vietnam (5.13%).

Walken is developed by the team behind such apps as Appyfurious and GetFit. The vision for the Walken app is to connect a healthy lifestyle with crypto games. The team believes that gamifying ways for people to become healthy and adding financial incentives to stick to those routines are one of the most significant industry opportunities in all of Web3. 

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