Massive Performance Improvements Coming to Cardano Via the Vasil Hard Fork – Charles Hoskinson

As Cardano draws closer to its network hard fork, dubbed the ‘Vasil’ hard fork, its community has expressed their enthusiasm about the next big thing, which could make the project more competitive in the long run.

With the launch date currently expected to be June 2022, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano and CEO of Input Out Global (IOG), has shared some of the things the community can expect from the Vasil hard fork.

Expect Massive Performance Improvements from the Vasil Hard Fork

In a “recap video,” Hoskinson explained that the Vasil hard fork contains “pipelining [one of the pillars supporting Cardano’s scaling].” He added that the upgrade will bring “massive performance improvement to Cardano.”

The CEO further explained that the hard fork will include scaling improvements such as new Plutus CIPs, UTXO on-disk storage, and ‘Hydra’. 

According to Hoskinson, these features will “enhance Cardano’s throughput and optimize the system to accommodate an increasing range of decentralized finance (DeFi) apps, smart contracts, and DEXs.”

Cardano Is Working on an “Aggressive Timeline”

Hoskinson also revealed that Cardano’s IOG team is working to release a dApp store, a new lightweight wallet, and bridges for asset transfers from Cardano Layer-1 to other chains.

In order to deliver these network updates, Hoskinson explained that the Cardano team has hundreds of engineers working “on insanely aggressive timelines again.”

On the Flipside

  • From May 17th – 18th, Cardano developers and third-party organizations will be meeting in Barcelona to discuss centrifuge levels for smart contracts, wallet accreditation, and the project’s infrastructure.

Why You Should Care

Upscaling an already powerful chain through Vasil could increase the competitiveness, utility, and ultimate adoption of the Cardano blockchain.

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