Keynote Success: BlockDAG’s Strategic Displays Soar Presale to $29.2M, Defying Ethereum and Solana Fluctuations

BlockDAG’s successful keynote display on Shibuya impacted presale with a $29.2 million rise, defying Ethereum and Solana fluctuations.

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With the dynamic shifts in the cryptocurrency landscape, the momentum is highlighted by the ongoing Ethereum and Solana fluctuations and BlockDAG‘s achievements. Ethereum’s market is seeing a corrective phase with possibilities for a rally, while Solana is gaining momentum amid favorable market sentiments and institutional interest.

Meanwhile, BlockDAG has captivated the crypto community with strategic placements and promotional events, notably at Shibuya Crossing. The presale has reached Batch 14, with the total earnings crossing $29.2 million. The miner’s sales have been increasing as 5,800 units are sold, highlighting BlockDAG’s innovative approach and market appeal.

Ethereum Dips Amid Market Correction

The Ethereum price underwent a correction after failing to maintain its previous position at the time of writing. This price movement indicates a possible base for another increase unless it breaks below this support threshold. Ethereum price has been trading low under the 100-hourly Simple Moving Average, which suggests a bearish outlook in the short term.

However, if Ethereum manages to surpass the immediate resistance, there could be a potential rally towards higher resistance levels, emphasizing the volatile nature of its market dynamics.

Solana’s Surge: Eyeing ATH Over Market Buzz

Recent market activities have strengthened the Solana as the cryptocurrency gains traction among institutional investors. 

Despite the current price, which is 38% below its peak, the recent positive shifts in market sentiment and increased institutional flows suggest a promising upward trajectory for Solana. This optimism is further supported by the bullish behavior in its network activities and the robust performance of its DeFi platforms.

BlockDAG’s Impressive Presale: 5800+ Miners Sold

BlockDAG is stirring up excitement in the crypto world with its inventive strategies and captivating promotional events. A notable event was held at Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, where BlockDAG displayed its original keynote video. This presentation significantly enhanced public perception of BlockDAG by highlighting its pioneering roadmap and efficient mining rigs. The strategic placements and mass appeal have been instrumental in driving the project’s popularity.

The presale of BlockSAG’s mining rigs has been particularly successful, reaching Batch 14 with a coin price of $0.0085. To date, BlockDAG has sold over 5,800 miners, earning $2.6 million from miner sales and totaling more than $29.2 million in presale revenue. The star of the lineup is the X10 Miner, known for its high profitability and compact design. The X10 is a compact device, no larger than a standard Wi-Fi extender, yet it is capable of mining up to 200 BDAG daily with its 100 MH/s hash rate.


Engineered with ASIC technology, the X10 miner is optimized for mining BlockDAG efficiently. It has a power usage of only 40 W, ensuring an ideal balance between power consumption and mining profitability. The miner’s plug-and-play setup, complete with Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, along with low noise output, makes it an attractive option for both new and seasoned miners.

Key Takeaways

BlockDAG’s innovative marketing strategies and global displays, including the remarkable event at Shibuya Crossing, have firmly established it as a key player in the cryptocurrency market. The success of its presale, which reached Batch 14 with a coin price of $0.0085.

Over 5,800 miners have been sold, generating more than $29.2 million in total presale revenue. These figures exemplify how BlockDAG’s innovative marketing techniques significantly enhance its market influence and community engagement beyond typical metrics.

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