Interpol Launches Police Office in the Metaverse to Combat Crypto Crime

Interpol seems massive potential in Web3 and is getting ready to tackle crypto crime with a new approach.

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Interpol, the international police organization, has decided to set up official metaverse headquarters. Hence, on Thursday, Interpol’s 90th General Assembly took place in New Delhi, India, and unparalleled tools to experience Interpol’s Metaverse were unveiled.

Interpol’s Metaverse Is Ready for Action

Contrary to the usual development of Web3 projects, Interpol dropped the news of a fully operational metaverse project as a big surprise. There were no beta versions of the metaverse and the fact that Interpol was working on one wasn’t promoted. Thus, the participants of the 90th General Assembly in New Delhi were able to test out Interpol’s metaverse first.


The users were able to enter the Web3 version of Interpol’s headquarters in Lyon, France. Despite entering a new world, Jurgen Stock, the Secretary General at Interpol, reassured the public that the goals of Interpol stay the same: “the issues it raises are those that have always motivated INTERPOL – supporting our member countries to fight crime and making the world, virtual or not, safer for those who inhabit it.”

Interpol’s Metaverse Is After Do Kwon

One of the reasons behind Interpol’s metaverse is the ability to provide officers with training courses, as well as forensic investigation. Indeed, the timing for the move is perfect, as Interpol launched a global chase for Do Kwon, the villainous leader of the disreputable TerraForm Labs.

Besides, the metaverse launch comes just a day after the UST Restitution Group, a vigilante group consisting of 4,400 extremely disappointed Terra (LUNA) & Terra (UST) investors, also declared a worldwide manhunt for the nefarious entrepreneur.


The culprit of the spookiest crypto crash of 2022, Do Kwon, has an Interpol Red Notice with his name on it. Even though the troubled businessman has successfully avoided it so far, many crypto enthusiasts on Twitter tend to believe that Interpol’s move to patrol the metaverse is closely related to the ongoing global chase.

On the Flipside

  • Despite South Korean authorities claiming that an Interpol Red Notice for Do Kwon has been issued, the notice is not present on their official website.
  • Interpol’s crime prevention efforts will have to deal with vague laws in relation to Web3, as not all crimes in the physical world are considered crimes in the metaverse.

Why You Should Care

2022 has been one of the most active years for crypto hacks & scams. Interpol’s metaverse project is a crucial attempt at curbing the sky-high cybercrime rate.

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