GameStop Launches SAW Game Passes: “Let’s Play a Game?”

Starting October 31st, players will have the opportunity to participate in exclusive SAW-themed games.

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  • In preparation for Halloween, Autograph, a Web 3.0 brand spearheaded by successful NFL star Tom Brady, has collaborated with Internet Games to release a Web 3.0 experience tied to Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures’ blockbuster horror film series, SAW.
  • Starting October 31st, players will have the opportunity to participate in exclusive SAW-themed games and win exciting prizes, including getting their name immortalized in the movie.

GameStop, a popular game retailer, will host the sale of the SAW Games Pass NFT collection on its NFT Marketplace. GameStop NFT teased its community with a trailer for the upcoming SAW Games event and shared that the game passes will be available on their NFT marketplace starting October 21st.

SAW Games: Game Over or Game On?

SAW Games is a three-game event, kickstarting Internet Game’s 3rd season of games ahead of Halloween. The games will take place over three separate days, with each game being available for 24 hours only.

The games will reenact some of the gore challenges in the movie, such as “The Blood Bucket Challenge” from SAW 8, “The Furnace Challenge” from SAW 2, and “Acid Room” from SAW 4. To participate, players can buy game pass NFTs from GameStop to gain three attempts at each challenge.


Players who have the most amount of in-game health over three attempts in all three of the games will have a chance to win unique prizes and perks such as exclusive NFTs, an on-set tour of the next SAW film, having their name immortalized in the movie, and a trip to the SAW: The Experience in London, and more.

The SAW Film series is one of the longest-running horror series in history, grossing more than $1 billion at the global box office. Transitioning into Web 3.0 is a big step for the franchise in building a community ahead of its upcoming movie.

On the Flipside

  • The official announcement from GameStop lacked important details about the upcoming SAW Games event. No links to the Internet Game’s Event, Autograph’s Collaboration, or the movie franchise were shared, considering the respective platforms have been marketing it on their social media platforms. 
  • Each Games Pass costs $50, which players can pay via credit card, ETH, or SOL. Considering the event will span over three separate days, with only three games, the cost is nearly as much as a newly released AAA game that you can play as much as you want. 
  • The SAW Games will be available for PCs only.

Why You Should Care

Mainstream franchises and brands transitioning into the Web 3.0 space can catalyze the mass adoption of Web 3.0. As one of the most successful and watched horror film series, the fact that SAW is taking advantage of Web 3.0 to give its community a unique experience is a step in the right direction. The event could lead other movie franchises and brands to migrate their experiences to Web 3.0 and grow the space.



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