GAMEE’s New OMP Token Will Be Available in September

OMP will be used for breeding, upgrading, and evolving G-Bots.

GAMEE’s New OMP Token Will be Available in September

GAMEE, the arcade hub of blockchains, unveiled the new OMP token. The announcement comes via GAMEE’s official Twitter, Medium, and other social media handles.

As per the official release announcement, OMP is short for “Omega Particles.” The ERC20 token will run on the Polygon network and will be central to the breeding, evolution, and upgrading of G-Bots. Players can earn OMP through G-Bot tournaments in Arc8.

GAMEE even released a video for the new OMP token: 

What the OMP Token Will Be Used For?

As mentioned above, the OMP token will be important to breed new G-Bots for your army, make your bot stronger, and more.


Here’s what OMP will be used for:


With OMP, players can now increase their army by breeding their own unique G-Bots. After the release, players can fuse 2 to 5 G-Bots and create unique NFTs. To merge the bots, players will need OMP.


The amount of OMP required for the fusion will vary depending on the COP (Current Overall Power). Further, the rarer the G-Bots, the rarer the Baby Bots. 


Players can upgrade their G-Bots stats using OMP, and make the army stronger. G-Bots can be upgraded until they reach their MOP (Maximum Overall Potential). The Baby Bots can be upgraded with the desired stats until the Evolution Point. 

gamee omp token breeding


A Baby Bot reaches the Evolution Point after being upgraded to the fullest. Evolving a Baby Bot into an adult G-Bot gives players an opportunity to create a higher-rarity bot. Further, the Ultimate Level G-Bot can be acquired only through evolution.

Once the G-Bots are fully upgraded and evolved, players can use them in Energy Wars and Dark Lords. They can also opt to gift it or sell it off on OpenSea.

To read in detail about the whole breeding process, check out GAMEE’s official blog

How to Get OMP Tokens?

To earn OMP tokens, players will have to play G-Bot games in Arc8. The regular tournament rewards will be paid out in OMP. Meanwhile, the 1v1 battles and starter tournaments will pay out GMEE. 

The OMP token is all set to go live on September 15th (1PM UTC). After the launch, players will be able to use the token for their G-Bots. GAMEE has also mentioned that more details about OMP and the economy will be released this week. 

On the Flipside

  • While Arc8 has very polished mobile games, and is very affordable, there’s one downside: one cannot get rich playing mini games through Arc8. With the new OMP token and G-Bot breeding, Arc8 might address the issue, and players might earn something sizable. 

Why You Should Care

GAMEE is a unique concept, and Arc8 has proven to be quite popular. As it’s available on Google Play and the App Store, Arc8 is very accessible. The G-Bots and the metaverse will only add to the fun, and further the GAMEE ecosystem. 


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