Gala Games’ Spider Tanks Celebrates Tanksgiving, Offers Discounts and More

Gala Games esports PvP brawler Spider Tanks puts up items for sale in celebration of Thanksgiving.

Gala Games’ PvP Brawler, Spider Tanks, has announced it is celebrating Thanksgiving with an upcoming sale. The ‘Free-for-all’ Web 3.0 esports title officially opened its arenas to players on Halloween and has been packed ever since. 

In appreciation of the positive response from the community, the tank game will be putting up some highly sought-after in-game NFT items for sale on the Spider Tanks Store.

Spider Tanks is the world’s first Web 3.0 esports title. The blockbuster brawler game was announced a year ago and resulted from a collaboration between Gala Games and GAMEDIA. Spider Tanks has been the highlight of Gala Games’ ecosystem since the announcement after projecting impressive numbers during beta launches and testing phases. 


Previously the PvP brawler game required users to own NFTs from the Spider Tanks NFT collection to play the game. However, the tank-centric game recently turned ‘Free-for-all’ and opened its arenas to players who didn’t own a Spider Tanks NFT. As a result, Spider Tanks met with profound success in its first week, with thousands of players playing the game daily. 

Here are some details about Spider Tank’s Tanksgiving sale: 

  • Six random bodies, weapons, or Hero Tanks of varying rarities will be discounted for 24 hours every day through November. 
  • Discounts will vary and be limited in supply. Additionally, each discounted item will remain at a constant price for the duration of the sale, or as long as supplies last. 
  • This Thanksgiving sale will be the first time players can nab their favorite NFTs on Spider Tanks’ game-first blockchain, Project GYRI. 
  • As of writing, one legendary item, three uncommon items, two common items, and one rare item is up for grabs at discounts starting from 56% all the way up to 75%.

On the Flipside

  • Despite being more than half-off, some in-game items still cost over $200. The cheapest item in the sale costs 1514 GALA tokens, or $40.
  • Some of the best in-game items and skins in esports titles like League of Legends and Dota 2 cost under $25. However, a case could be made for Spider Tanks, considering NFTs in the game are playable items and affect gameplay, whereas skins and digital items in more established esports titles don’t.

Why You Should Care

Spider Tanks is the first Web 3.0 esports title and could welcome the next wave of players into Web 3.0. Traditionally, esports PvP fighting titles have been some of the most played genres, with titles like Tekken and Smash leading the scene. Spider Tanks could appeal to brawler enthusiasts and introduce more opportunities to players through Web 3.0 technology. 

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