Fishing in the Metaverse: The Maker of MetaShooter Presents “Fishverse”

The metaverse has opened its infinite doors to many outdoor activities recently. With the first metaverse hunting game, MetaShooter, finding great success after entering Steam, the developers behind the game, MG Labs gaming studio, are ready to introduce fishing into Web3.

Happy Days for Fishermen in Web3

MG Labs gaming studios has included a lot of fish-to-earn opportunities in the game that’s envisioned as an “ultra-realistic, one-of-a-kind web3 game, where millions of fishing and P2E enthusiasts can enjoy playing from any device or corner of the globe.”

Some of the ways to earn money while fishing in the metaverse are as follows:

  • Completing quests and missions
  • Catching and selling NFT fishes
  • Starting a fishing business or renting land
  • Competing in tournaments with other players

According to the official press release, one great way of earning passive income through the new fishing game is to buy NFT land in the Fishverse. The purchased land will serve other players too, as they will need to recharge their stamina during long fishing trips. A player can also earn money by breeding fish in the purchased land. Last but not least, any proud fisherman must have a trophy showcase to flex their well-deserved prizes.

The challenges and missions provided in the game will help players level up and boost morale, for which many prizes and rewards are handed out. Moreover, the Fishverse’s ecosystem is using the Free Value Security (FVS) token for smooth operations between the players. The game aims at providing the closest to reality experience as possible.

Metaverse Becomes Closer to Reality

Just a couple of days ago, popular decentralized blockchain game, Decentraland, announced they would install the first metaverse ATM. This comes just a month after the two currently biggest metaverses joined forces for the first-ever metaverse Pride parade. Furthermore, the United Arab Emirates is launching the first-ever metaverse hospital. Finally, with the Singaporean startups working on a Web3 city that resembles Singapore and with Notorious B.I.G’s fans waiting for a metaverse Brooklyn, it is safe to say that metaverse and the real world are working together on some exciting developments.

On the Flipside

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