Ethereum and Ethiopia: New Twitter Meme Burst

The meme appeared in Twitter after Jack Dorsey supported Ethiopian athletes with #eth hashtag

ethereum ethiopia meme

What better way to give someone a slap in the face than by providing grounds for ridicule in meme form?

That is what Jack Dorsey supposedly did with his tweet “#eth (Ethiopian flag).”

Twitter and its CEO surely saw the fun side of the tweet, “#eth,” which even has received attention from the official Olympics account who said “Great to see Jack and the crypto community supporting the #ETH athletes!”

Though Jack Dorsey has finally tweeted “eth,” this does not mean he is offering support for Ethereum.


Indeed, Dorsey’s tweet was no intended to stand for Ethereum, but for Ethiopia, whose name shortens to #eth, and was thus accompanied by the flag of the African state.

Even though Dorsey was simply joking, or perhaps truly expressing his support for Ethiopia, trolls quickly came up with ways of mocking the tweet by turning it into a creative interpretation of Dorsey’s feelings towards Ethereum.


Soon after, a fake tweet appeared from “Vitalik Buterin” saying “why does the hashtag #eth now shows the flag of Ethiopia? This is not funny @Jack.” The meme quickly reached the tops of threads.

Here are some cherries (memes) on top of the cake:

“No Space Left in the Heart”

Jack Dorsey has repeatedly declared that his only passion is for Bitcoin. In fact, he is such a Bitcoin (BTC) maximalist that he has so far refused to purchase ETH or any other altcoin on many occasions. He has also repeatedly confirmed his beliefs that Bitcoin will become the internet’s native currency.

On The Flipside

  • Although, it would be nice to see Jack Dorsey finally soften up towards Ethereum, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen any time soon.
  • Jack Dorsey, please leave Bitcoin maximalism to Michael Saylor.

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