Decentraland to Amp Up Its Gaming with an SDK Update and DecentRally

Decentraland will soon roll out the SDK 7 update to make content creation easier and more accessible.

Decentraland Tweaks Up Its Gaming With a New SDK and DecentRally

Decentraland, one of the promising metaverse platforms, is tweaking its gaming and content creating experience. The new SDK 7 update will go live soon and enhance performance and usability of the open protocol.

At the same time, DecentRally has been causing excitement in the Decentraland community. The racing game not only serves as an example, but also makes the Infinity Engine framework open to the public. 


Both SDK 7 and DecentRally provide a glimpse into what Decentraland has in store for users. 

Decentraland Will Soon Get the SDK 7 Update

Decentraland’s Software Development Kit is getting a few upgrades very soon. The SDK is supposed to be an open protocol for creating content, so it’s quite important. 

Here’s how Decentraland is planning to update it:

  • Usability: The update aims to make content creation easier and add a Decentraland Editor that would enable complete control over the scene codes. As building multiplayers is hard at the moment, the new update will make it easier. The SDK 7 update also aims to create a shared library, increase reusability, resolve scalability issues, and more. 
  • Performance: Enhance performance through optimization to deliver a smoother experience while gaming. This includes changes to how static and dynamic 3D content loads, switching communication technologies, and more.
  • Portability: SDK 7 will also make the development kit more compatible with other platforms and engines. This includes standardizing protocols, welcoming new branches, and more. 

Ultimately, the SDK is supposed to be accessible to everyone who wants to create content for the metaverse, and the new update will be a step towards that. For a full breakdown of the SDK 7 update, you can view the official blog post.

What’s DecentRally About?

Meanwhile, DecentRally is raging in Decentraland. The new racing game was built using the Infinity Engine code. As the game breaks many barriers with the code, it has set some benchmarks for future projects.

As of now, DecentRally has 2 racing tracks along with obstacles, multiplayer mode, boosters for your vehicle, and more. 

Here are some highlights from DecentRally:

  • DecentRally is an excellent example of what the Infinity Engine could do. The game can serve as a foundation for creators to build more racing games.
  • It paves the way for future racing games with core building blocks like race tracks, multiplayer, obstacles, leaderboards, and more. 
  • DecentRally has a long way to go before it attracts a crowd, but it’s a good example for racing and multiplayer games on Decentraland.

The creators are hoping that DecentRally would inspire the community to build and experiment on these building blocks.

On the Flipside

  • Decentraland faces tough competition from The Sandbox. The latter has been proactively onboarding brands, celebrities, and promoting itself heavily. 

Why You Should Care

  • Decentraland is one of the early metaverse projects that shows promise. DecentRally is a big step towards resolving issues that hinder content creation. 
  • With the new SDK update, the platform would make its engine code available and accessible to the community to create content.

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