DailyCoin’s Crypto Memes of the Week #9

There’s a grain of truth to every joke, and crypto memes are a distilled form of the grain.

There’s a grain of truth to every joke, and crypto memes are a distilled form of the grain.

You probably know the meme “Keep Calm and Carry On.This one is very relatable to everybody who owns crypto. Ironically enough, the internet meme itself is the second life of the message. It was first used by the British government in preparation for World War II. Yes, crypto market cycles are similar to warfare. At least, people may feel like that while trading, even though crypto is on a grand bull run. So please, keep calm and carry on.

Being Chill Is the Key to Crypto

There are people who go to Shaolin in order to reach inner peace and learn the ancient martial art of Shaolin Kung Fu. I assume now there will be one more kind of mountain visitees: crypto hodlers!


The local monks should come up with a new educational program that includes training in hodling stamina, special Kung Fu against gas fees, and opening the third eye for strategical chart analysing.

Warning: only the chosen ones can reach crypto nirvana!

This is an everlasting struggle. On the one hand, the crypto market is more volatile, which brings bigger profits as well as larger losses. On the other one, the stock market is much more enormous, which is more reliable for big investments.


Each has its own truth. However, we will get reinforcement from Shaolin soon enough!

Crypto vs Fiat

If your mother ever questioned the purpose of cryptocurrencies, show her this picture. I know it’s hypocritical and most of the money in today’s world doesn’t even exist on paper. The same goes for crypto: physical wallets can be destroyed by a mouse or any other creature.

Nevertheless, show this picture for the sake of unnecessary question avoidance. Also, one more moral from this meme: money kills.

Ethereum Gas Fee Calculator

Gas fees are a big pain for every crypto user. Especially after the NFT boom, they reached the ceiling because the network demand rose. Of course, there are some ways to optimize them such as scaling solutions, gas-minimizing dapps, and so on.

But dear Vitalik! Where is our ETH 2.0?

NFT Memes: Is There an End?

DailyCoin’s crypto memes digest could not exist a single week without NFTs. The amount of memes appearing on the internet cyberspace is equal to the number of NFTs auctioned on the marketplaces daily. And as we know, their virtual shelves are cluttered with the digital art influx.

The singularity dilemma is real. NFT exhibitions are available for visiting in Decentraland. NFT horse races take place in multiverses like Sandbox and the same Decentraland.  On the other hand, what if it’s one big bubble?

The only way to find out is by inventing the time machine. I see no other way out. 🙂

In Terms of the Last World’s Events…

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