DailyCoin’s Crypto Memes of the Week #4

There’s a grain of truth to every joke, and crypto memes are a distilled form of the grain.

There’s a grain of truth to every joke, and crypto memes are a distilled form of the grain.


The first week of August may be a bit melancholic. Here comes the realisation of the fact that 2/3 of the summer is already over. In the same grain, it seems that cryptos are going to be in a lull for one more month, so we have enough time to prepare for the “fishing” season. In order to not be overrun by this melancholy, let’s check out the most relevant crypto memes and snap out of it.

NFTs are not Dead. NFTs are not Sleeping Either

Almost everybody has claimed that they’re only a temporary phenomenon. However, they have lived up to their value. Now, there is even the possibility that they will break off from the crypto market. Every day, we observe bigger and bigger sales numbers of NFT artwork, while cryptos continue to sleep. Now, they are being strengthened, with the help of gaming tokens. Axie Infinity, for example, generated higher revenue in July than either Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Dogecoin Has Found Its Purpose

Burger King Brazil announced that it  would start accepting Dogecoin… for dog food! The event itself is humour of its own degree of memes. However, meme artisans decided to keep the impetus and not slip into complacency, so they created meme matryoshka: memes within memes. 

Ethereum: I’m Going to Create My Own Hard Fork, with Burning and Low Gas Fees

“Low gas fees,” they said. “Burning and higher value,” they promised. Taking into account the amount of anticipation surrounding the London hard fork, the level of expectations broke the ceiling. The event finally happened yesterday, and people have already felt the consequences: the primal urge to make memes. 

Cutie Pie with Crypto Inside

Gary Gensler, who has been the chairperson of the Securities and Exchange Commission since April, is carrying the torch for crypto. His behaviour towards digital assets varies from bullish to bearish. Needless to say, the crypto community is anything but ignorant about him. One of Gary’s latest announcements was to equate most coins to securities. Even Dogecoin…

Criticism of the Criticisms: Bitcoin Black Paper

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of the well-known “Black Swan,” published a paper criticising Bitcoin technology several months ago. Interestingly enough, Taleb took the unconventional route from being a Bitcoin supporter, to a Bitcoin hater. 


This week, Lyn Alden deconstructed and dismantled Taleb’s points on “What Bitcoin Did” on her YouTube channel. Of course, it didn’t take long for crypto enthusiasts to support her through the most important medium: memes.

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