DailyCoin’s Crypto Memes of the Week #3

There’s a grain of truth to every joke, and crypto memes are a distilled form of the grain

There’s a grain of truth to every joke, and crypto memes are a distilled form of the grain.

The form of the long-awaited weekend unwind differs from person to person. Some people like watching Netflix and devouring snacks, others prefer outdoor activities or socializing with friends. Our Friday memeology recap is for a special kind of gourmand – crypto meme connoisseurs.

The Two Most Relevant Topics: The Olympics and The Bull Market

2021 is the year of revival. We have already enjoyed Eurovision, the UEFA European Football Championship, and now it’s the turn of the Olympic Games in Tokyo. A few days ago, the internet was shocked by footage of a Judo trainer shaking and slapping the face of a German athlete. Although it might be a common pre-match ritual in martial arts, crypto meme artists certainly embraced the novelty and built a connection between the Olympics and the recent bull market.

What a Twist! – DailyCoin Also Makes Space for Memes

As you might have noticed, the DailyCoin team works hard to provide insights on the most interesting and promising projects on the market. However, we never know when events will turn in the most unpredictable of directions. This time we got a good meme from a Harmony follower.


A user referenced our interview with the CEO of Harmony with the caption: “increased speed, and security by @lijiang2087.” The user of course meant the technology, however Li Jiang, the CEO himself, corrected him in a humorous manner, saying: “security is by the protocol not by me.”

Li probably didn’t expect the next answer in the thread:

Shadowy Super-Coders and CBDCs Concocted in Hell by Satan

Boomers and other crypto-non-believers usually aren’t stingy with over the top expressions. We have already heard a lot, but this week we hit the jackpot with hyperbolic catchphrases!


First of all, Senator Elizabeth Warren expressed her concerns regarding increasing exposure to cryptocurrencies, calling crypto “some shadowy, faceless group of super-coders and miners.” She also sent an official letter to the U.S Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen, demanding stricter regulation on crypto.

It’s funny enough, but Warren warns and worries, while Yellen yells – much to the amusement of our editorial team!

Another story comes from the other side of the fence. Rich Checkan, the president of Asset Strategies International (ASI), depicted Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) as “concocted in hell by Satan himself.” You can watch the video for yourself below. Unfortunately, we haven’t found any appropriate memes for it, but in our opinion, the saying itself is a meme enough already!
It was literally a yelling parade this week.

The Crypto Reality: Back to the Future

Most people probably know the scene from “Back to the Future,” where Marty McFly plays “Johnny B. Goode” to the bewilderment of the audience, to whom he then proclaims: “I guess you guys aren’t ready for that yet, but your kids are gonna love it.”

Even though the film was released in 1985, it remains a favourite even among the younger generation. This is sort of reflected in the Netflix animation series “Rick and Morty,”which borrowed the concept from Back to the Future.
Surprisingly, the quote is incredibly suitable for boomer-millennial relations regarding crypto. While the former are loath to adopt digital assets, the latter put laser eyes on their photos and claim they see the future.

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