DailyCoin’s Crypto Memes of the Month #12

There’s a grain of truth to every joke, and crypto memes are a distilled form of the grain. 

There’s a grain of truth to every joke, and crypto memes are a distilled form of the grain. 

2021 broke new ground in terms of crypto memes. One of the most popular internet memes, the doge, reincarnated into a successful cryptocurrency as well as fractionalized NFTs, and even gave birth to a brood of meme doggos.  


Dogecoin and Shiba Inu reached the top 10 cryptos by market capitalization this year. At first, it seemed like a meta joke over the entire crypto community. However, soon enough after the second dog coin had surged so rapidly, we found Shiba Inu had risen further than any animal coin so far, except DOGE.  

One of the main factors for this rise was Elon Musk and his love for posting memes on his personal Twitter account. Ironically enough, the opening meme is from him as well:  

How to Brag About Your NFTs 

Of course, Elon Musk and animal coins weren’t the only big story in crypto. NFTs became one more phenomenon that left the borders of the smaller crypto community and generated a lot of buzz in mass media. Mostly the media questioned the real purpose of the “expensive jpegs.” On the other hand, only some understand their purpose, because technological singularity is approaching… 

Everything Became Metaverse 

Web 3.0 was a dream of a lot of geeks back in the day. Of course, the decentralized world web with a token-based economy had its own pros and cons.  


However, we are slowly approaching it by implementing the concept of metaverses into some crypto projects. Of course, I’m talking about those that have features of the metaverse, not just those that have “metaverse” on their landing page.

The Most Popular Profession Among Crypto Traders 

Once, DailyCoin researched the rising popularity of crypto among Uber drivers. Indeed, these two professions are very complementary in terms of time management. On the other hand, some Uber drivers broke new ground in doing two things at once, trading while driving.  

The only problem left is keeping up with rising emotions during a sudden bear run! But this is for high-level masters who have already reached Zen.  

A Bit of British Humour on Crypto Hodlers  

Some people think that being a hodler is the easiest way of being in crypto. When you’re constantly trading, you have many things happening in your wallet and mind. And keeping calm is a much harder job. The “to sell or not to sell” worm settles in the brain and wreaks havoc.  

Remember these wise words: “Keep Calm and Carry On.” 

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Nazar Kuzmyn

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