Clash of the Titans: Elon Musk to Meet Jack Dorsey in July

Elon Musk will meet Jack Dorsey and discuss Bitcoin curiosities during the B Word.

  • Elon Musk will meet Jack Dorsey and discuss Bitcoin curiosities during the B Word event in July.
  • Elon Musks agreed to participate in the B Word discussion event through a Twitter thread
  • The event is not 100% confirmed, nor is Elon Musk’s participation
  • The two tech giants previously agreed on a shared cryptocurrency topic on renewable energy incentives.

Bitcoin has escaped the grey area of technology and is a decentralized innovation that creates a feeling of excitement as well as hopelessness. 7 of the 10 highest listed tech companies are juggling blockchain technologies. Tesla was the first to adopt Bitcoin as a payment method before Elon Musk brought forth a probable environmental issue concern. In a string of tweets Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO, outlined a meet-up during the B Word event.

The Pro Bitcoin and the Former Pro Bitcoin

Tech billionaires Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey have agreed to discuss Bitcoin and other “Bicuriosities” during cryptocurrency events. Square, Ark Invest, and Paradigm support the B-Word event to help debunk Bitcoin myths promoted by mainstream media. B Word’s primary goal is to educate and “explain how institutions can and should embrace” Bitcoin while raising awareness of areas that need improvements. 


Elon Musk replied to the B word analogy tweet by Jack Dorsey. Dorsey invited Musk to present his curiosities during the event, and a date was set there and then. Insider reported that this is the first instance the two will share the same stage in public. Elon Musk previously propped Jack Dorsey’s Ark Investment research on Bitcoin as a facilitator for pushing renewable energy innovation.

The B Word Revealed

The B Word features well-known speakers in the tech and crypto space. “Bitcoin as a tool for economic empowerment” will be moderated by Twitter and Square Inc. CEO Jack Dorsey and Ark Invest’s CEO Cathie Wood. Additionally, the event also features John Newbery, CoinDesk’s Nic Carter, or Lyn Alden.

The Block Crypto reported that a spokesperson for the event highlighted the event was 100% confirmed. The stand-off between the two is much more rewarding as Dorsey and Musk have been extremely vocal about Bitcoin, the latter reversing his favorable perception of the token due to environmental issues, which is no longer accepted as payment for Tesla. 

On the Flipside

  • Celsius Network’s CEO claimed Elon Musk is “a tourist in crypto” given his social media antics.
  • The outcome of the meeting is likely to influence the price of Bitcoin, at least in the short term.
  • The cryptocurrency community no longer wishes to associate with Elon Musk because of the impact his social media activity has on Bitcoin.

Billionaires Share Opinions on What Does Not View Them

Bitcoin is a store of value in the digital era, and some argue it is a hedge against inflation. Thus, its ability to perform currency functions has been challenged both by researchers and investors. However, tech millionaires have used their position to infer positive undertones to crypto.


Jack Dorsey claimed in an article for London’s newspaper The Times, Bitcoin will be the only currency in 2030. Additionally, the likes of John McAfee and Mark Cuban have staked their predictions on the future of Bitcoin. That said, despite their positive purposes and efforts to educate and teach about crypto, a large number of public personas wish to be associated with Bitcoin.

Similarly, Elon Musk proclaimed himself as the DogeFather, and through his market splash actions of allowing Tesla to accept BTC as payment, he was “chief” of Bitcoin. However, Musk disassociated himself from Bitcoin but remained connected to Dogecoin. Interestingly enough, both Doge and Bitcoin use the same consensus mechanism, whereas the latter is more disfavored than the first.

The imparities in opinions will serve as a prolific ground for positive outcomes during the July 21st event. Elon Musk’s invite to share all his “curiosities” about Bitcoin could prove to be beneficial for Musk, was has been sidelined by the crypto community.

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