Chainmonsters to Deliver Full Game Experience by Q1 2023

Chainmonsters, a Pokemon-inspired MMORPG Play to Earn (P2E) is releasing the full version of its game in Q1 2023.

Chainmonsters to Deliver Full Game Experience by Q1 2023
  • Chainmonsters has announced the release of its game for Q1 2023. 
  • The developer of the MMORPG shared that they are confident of delivering a full gaming experience after the success of the Chainmonsters demo, which released on all major platforms in October, including Steam, Apple Testflight, and Google Play.

Gearing up for Full Release

Chainmonsters is a Play to Earn (P2E) MMORPG game in the same vein as Genshin Impact and Pokemon Arceus. The demo version met with profound success in its first month, with more than 10,000 players trialing the game to date, providing ample feedback for tweaks the developers could incorporate into the game. 

B-side Games, the studio behind the upcoming MMO, is confident that it will be able to deliver the full game experience by Q1 of 2023, and, in light of the demo’s popularity, has decided to skip the scheduled second beta phase in favor of directly launching Chainmonsters as an “early access” title. 


All progress and assets earned by players in the early access version of the game, now scheduled for Q1 2023, will be theirs to keep forever. 

Here’s what players can expect from Chainmonsters in early access: 

  • Chainmonsters consists of a massive open world split into eight unique lands. Currently, players can unlock these over time through playing games and beating challenges, while the early access version of the game will bring a host of new challenges, game modes, and ‘Chainmons‘. 
  • In a recent blog post, B-Side Games shared teasers about some of the upcoming early access features, such as a function that allows players to assign a squad member to follow them. In later updates, the selected squad member will help the player navigate the world, solve puzzles, and much more. 
  • Players will have access to islands on which they can craft, assemble, arrange, and customize assets such as furniture and cosmetics to adjust the scenery to their liking. Players will also be able to place crafting stations, workshops, and houses to further personalize their islands. 
  • In collaboration with Dapper Wallet and Flow Blockchain, Chainmonsters will be holding sales for exclusive furniture items and islands. 

The release of an early access version of the game will mark a significant milestone in the development of Chainmonsters

On the Flipside

  • Web 3.0 games on Steam are not authorized to support NFTs or any other Web 3.0 technology. While the game will be cross-platform, allowing players on Steam to play co-op with those on other platforms, they will not digitally own any of their in-game items. In regards to this, although Steam hosts the Chainmonsters demo, it is unclear whether the early access version will be available on the major gaming platform.

Why You Should Care

Chainmonsters is inching toward completion. After receiving widespread acclaim for its demo, players are eager get their hands on the full version. The MMORPG is aesthetically appealing, with all the elements of a good game, positioning Chainmonsters to potentially play a major role in transitioning MMORPG enthusiasts to Web 3.0 through its storyline, visuals, and mechanics. 

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