ChainGPT and Polygon Labs Team Up: Bitbot Eyes the Best Trading Bot Crown

ChainGPT and Polygon Labs team up for AI-powered NFT creation.

Robot is a king of trading crypto.
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In the shadow of the recent Bitcoin halving event, which has injected excitement and volatility into the cryptocurrency markets, ChainGPT and Polygon Labs have decided to team up. They’re working to enhance the NFT creation process by integrating ChainGPT’s AI-driven capabilities with Polygon’s scalable blockchain infrastructure. 

Simultaneously, the crypto market is abuzz with Bitbot’s presale. Bitbot is a Telegram-based trading bot with a proprietary AI Gem Scanner. This feature promises to optimize trading strategies, helping traders navigate choppy waters by pinpointing undervalued tokens and promising investment opportunities. 


The ICO, already in stage 13 of 15, has attracted significant attention, rapidly drawing in $3.2m as stages sell out and investors rush to participate before Bitbot hits the open market.

Bitbot stats on TV.

Ready to Steal the Best Trading Bot Crown: Bitbot Has Everything in Place

The Telegram bot market has experienced significant growth, currently boasting over $40 million daily trading volume at press time and over $1 billion in total market cap. These bots offer a unique blend of accessibility and automation, making them highly appealing to crypto investors.

Bitbot is a promising new player in the lucrative Telegram bot market, and competition remains relatively sparse. Bots like Banana Gun and Unibot still dominate the landscape despite obvious security flaws.

Bitbot’s most compelling feature is its proprietary Gem Scanner, a powerful AI tool designed to unearth hidden gems within the crypto market. It utilizes a combination of data aggregation, machine learning, and natural language processing, empowering users with valuable insights and helping them identify high-potential tokens before they explode in popularity. Unlike other scanners, Bitbot’s Gem Scanner offers a unique “degen score” that ranks tokens based on market buzz and activity, simplifying complex data into actionable information for seasoned traders and crypto newbies.

Additionally, Bitbot is the world’s first non-custodial Telegram trading bot. This distinction is crucial because it means Bitbot does not hold users’ funds directly. Instead, users maintain control over their wallets, significantly reducing the risk of theft and fraud. This non-custodial approach is a long-awaited gift to users who prioritize security and autonomy when managing their investments.

Bitbot’s advanced AI trading tools and improved security mean big things for Bitbot’s market positioning. Now the hoards of would-be traders who were previously uneasy about Telegram bot security and the overall complexity of crypto trading have the perfect gateway. This makes Bitbot the tool that will likely grow the market and take market share. 

ChainGPT’s New Partnership Revives the NFT Market

ChainGPT and Polygon Labs have teamed up to harness AI’s innovative capabilities within the blockchain realm. 

This partnership aims to make it easier for developers and creators to efficiently produce and mint AI-powered NFTs. The collaboration leverages ChainGPT’s AI NFT Generator and Polygon’s network to streamline the entire process, allowing for a broader range of creative ideas to be transformed into digital assets directly on the blockchain. This initiative has already resulted in the creation of over 7,000 NFTs on the Polygon network.

AI Back in Focus – Bitbot Could Grown Rapidly once It Hits Exchanges

Bitbot aims to be a leading AI project and the best trading bot in town while reaching the top of the Telegram bot list.

As seen with ChainGPT, the AI market is booming. It was valued at $150 billion in 2023 and is projected to surge to $1.345 trillion in revenue by 2030, growing at a CAGR of over 36%. Bitbot’s development of AI features positions it to capitalize on this growth.

ChainGPT shows significant trading activity, with over $10 million in volume at press time. Also, Banana Gun’s market cap exceeded $82 million despite a rocky launch (99% price drop due to a smart contract bug). This indicates a strong user base and a market hungry for effective solutions.

Currently priced at only $0.018, Bitbot is positioned perfectly for a potential increase in value as it captures and secures a substantial market share. Plus, investors buying into the presale today stand to gain 11.11% before the launch. 

Bitbot: Shaping the Future of AI Crypto Trading

This user-friendly Telegram trading bot is here to empower everyday investors like never before. Plus, not content to stick with its recent rebrand, Bitbot has big plans in store.

Launching on the Base (EVM) chain, Bitbot’s team will expand its reach through multi-chain integrations with Solana, Ethereum Mainnet, and BSC, strategically leveraging each network’s strengths and, in turn, likely capturing a wider user base and maximizing operational efficiency.

Don’t miss out – secure your spot in the future of AI trading alongside Bitbot’s groundbreaking technology. 

To learn more and purchase BITBOT tokens, visit the official website.

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