Blockchain Brawlers Finally Launches In-Game Marketplace

The ‘BRWL MALL’ will have exclusive in-game items for purchase with BRWL.

Blockchain Brawlers to Get BRWL MALL

Blockchain Brawlers, the “rowdiest play-to-earn game in the metaverse”, will soon have its very own ‘BRWL MALL’. The official announcement came via a blog post on WAX’s Medium.

The BRWL MALL marks part of the development team’s efforts to increase BRWL’s utility. Over the last few months, the team behind Blockchain Brawlers has been working on providing products that are both flexible and scalable. 


“We've spoken about the need to build tech and product features that are equal parts flexible (in their ever-growing utility) and scalable (enough to serve the large audiences we’ll need to accommodate). Often referred to as “foundational technologies,” our Leaderboards are the most recent example of this,” the announcement read.

As part of its next step towards building these foundational technologies, Blockchain Brawlers is getting its own marketplace, called ‘BRWL MALL.’

Blockchain Brawlers: What Is the BRWL MALL?

BRWL MALL is Blockchain Brawlers’ very own marketplace on which players can able buy in-game items from other members of the game’s community. For purchases made on the marketplace, players use the game’s BRWL tokens. 

Players can enter the BRWL Mall from inside the game itself by clicking on the tab that appears next to the inventory.

BRWL MALL now live

The BRWL MALL is set to be launched in two parts. As of now, players can buy Avatars and custom frames, while other items like ‘Swag Kits’ will be made available from next month onwards. The announcement even mentions that custom skins for packs will also be made available in future patches. 

Although cosmetic items in the BRWL MALL will not be NFTs, players will be able to mint their own NFTs on demand. These NFTs can then be sold on secondary markets including Blockchain Brawl’s ‘vIRL’ Market.

The vIRL Market

As mentioned previously, the marketplace will be released in two parts, and the vIRL Market represents the second half. Once the update rolls out, players will be able to list items for sale without even having to open a new window. 

A particularly unique feature of the vIRL Market is that players can still use their listed game items within Blockchain Brawlers until it finds a buyer. In Blockchain Brawlers lingo, this system is referred to as a “Play-to-Own”, or “P2O” sale.

The marketplace will accept BRWL, WAXP, and Gold NFTs currencies.

About Blockchain Brawlers

Built on the WAX blockchain, Blockchain Brawlers is the first P2E game by the WAX Games studio. The game is described as the “rowdiest play-to-earn game in the metaverse”. True to its description, players looking to join in the fun have to obtain a Brawler NFT, enter the ring, and fight for rewards. Imagine WWE, but on the blockchain and that’s what Blockchain Brawlers looks like.

On the Flipside

  • Blockchain Brawlers is still in the making, and as it stands, there’s nothing much to play.
  • Blockchain Brawlers has a high entry cost, which might act as a barrier to entry.

Why You Should Care

  • The launch of the marketplace marks a big milestone for the Blockchain Brawlers team. After the full release, the utility of BRWL tokens will increase. 
  • Players will be able to mint NFTs and sell them on the marketplace from within the game, and the “P2O Sale” system is certainly a unique take on selling in-game assets.

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