Big Time New Patch Improves Skill Progression Abilities, but Wipes Player Data

Everything players can expect from Patch v0.23, an update that includes new skills, bug fixes, and UI improvements.

  • One of the latest updates in Patch v0.23 for Big Time will wipe all player data. However, it introduces significant changes.
  • New boss fights are added to the game, the skill tree has been completely reworked, and there’s a new Shadow Blade ability, alongside numerous other changes.

The developers behind Big Time released an update report, going over some of the most notable changes coming to the game.

Game Update: Patch Notes v0.23, posted on the blog on November 10, 2022, also informs players to expect a full wipe of their progress. 


On YouTube, the game’s CTO and Art Director of Operations also hinted at a new skill tree for progression, new boss fights, new abilities, footstep sounds and visual effect improvements, and a wide range of changes to the game’s balance. 

Main Big Time Changes With Patch v0.23

Players can expect more variety in boss arenas across the game, found in higher-level dungeons. Skill progression is now locked behind branches, which players need to unlock through a trainer.

New abilities have been added, including Area-of-Effect (AOE) abilities known as Explosive Kunai. as well as the Ignition Power Grenade that targets the area in front of the caster. 

The targeting circle issues were also resolved and now behave consistently. Additionally, mining quest objectives have been reworked to spawn mineable rocks that can be tracked down.


Players can activate the “Rest” function through a key or hot bar bind, while the “Backstab” ability can now lock onto the target to ensure higher reliability.

With all of these changes in mind, it is also important to note that Big Time is a multiplayer action role-playing game that features collectible non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Balance and AI Changes

Jumping now cancels abilities that are canceled by movement, and various other abilities can now deal damage between a minimum and maximum range. The full heal energy cost has also been increased.

Multiple artificial intelligence issues have been resolved, such as NPCs getting stuck when they try to play victory celebrations, knocking players down, and not attacking at short range.

Big Time also received many visual enhancements to both forest and desert dungeons, plus numerous user-interface improvements.  

On the Flipside

  • The Player Data wipe can be inconvenient for many players who might have already spent hundreds of hours in the game, meaning they will now need to all start over.

Why You Should Care

Big Time is receiving a healthy development cycle, and it is clear that the developers are taking good care of the game they have created.  The growth in games being regularly developed and updated by developers is becoming more consistent. This shows that the blockchain gaming sector has a lot of potential for further growth and appeal.

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