As the Real World Blends with the Metaverse, Meta Builds the World’s Fastest AI Supercomputer

Meta built Research SuperCluster (RSC), a supercomputer that the company describes as one of the “fastest AI computers running today.”

Meta has designed and built the Research SuperCluster (RSC), a supercomputer that the company describes as one of the “fastest AI computers running today.” The full version of the supercomputer should launch in mid-2022.

One of the reasons given for why such a supercomputer is needed in today’s world is, of course, the emergence of the metaverse, as virtual and augmented realities require significant computing power. In a blog post press release, Meta researchers wrote:


“RSC will help Meta’s AI researchers build new and better AI models that can learn from trillions of examples; work across hundreds of different languages; seamlessly analyze text, images, and video together; develop new augmented reality tools; and much more. Our researchers will be able to train the largest models needed to develop advanced AI for computer vision, NLP (natural language processing), speech recognition, and more.”

Meta’s social media platforms receive over 3.6 billion monthly active users, generating enormous amounts of data. AI can already process an impressive quantity of data. However, as the Meta’s network grows, with the metaverse being at the top of Mark Zuckerberg’s wishlist, advanced AI technology is only expected to develop further.

On the Flipside

  • As explained by computer scientist and industry expert Kai-Fu Lee, the metaverse will be inhabited not only by avatars representing users, but also by AI avatars. 

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