Animoca and GameFi Ventures Lead Wanderers’ $2 Million Seed Funding Round

Wanderers plans to use the majority of the funding to develop a Web3 game.

  • Wanderers, a sci-fi Web3 startup behind the Wanderers NFT Collection, has announced that it has secured $2 million in seed funding. 
  • Animoca Brands and GameFi reportedly made the largest contributions to the startup’s first official funding round. 
  • Wanderers have announced using the funds to collaborate with Animoca Brands’ subsidiary, Blowfish studios. They aim to release a game and expand their music and entertainment IP. 

The Web3 startup has achieved profound success, projecting impressive numbers in trading volume and NFT sales. The funding will allow Wanderers to establish their presence in the Web3 gaming space by developing a game with Animoca Brands, one of the leading builders in the industry.

Expanding its Ecosystem

Wanderers is an upcoming media brand that has made its mark in the Web3 space through its IP. The startup has reportedly maintained over $17.5 million in NFT trading volume and sold $5 million worth of NFTs. 


Here’s a quick breakdown of Wanderers’ history: 

  • Wanderers is a project led by Greenawalt, a professional motion designer and full-time creator who got his start selling NFTs on SuperRare.
  • After finding success selling NFTs, Greenawalt gathered a team of writers, musicians, developers, and filmmakers to collaborate and create Wanderers. 
  • The brand’s portfolio includes three NFT collections, short films, and planets.
  • Other launches include WanderNames, live concerts, and an interactive universe. 

Wanderers plans to expand its NFT ecosystem to include games and more short films, stories, and live events. The startup has discussed in its blog post using a majority of the funding to develop a Web3 game in collaboration with Blowfish Studios, set to release in 2024. 

Blowfish Studios is a coveted games developer and publisher in the Web3 gaming sphere. They have 37 games under their belt so far. The game studio has developed games across all major platforms, including PlayStation and Xbox. Randomine, Forest Grove, and KungFu Kickball are some of their most anticipated titles. 

Moreover, Wanderers have shared that Animoca Brands and GameFi Ventures will play a significant role as tokenomics advisors for the project. This is in addition to providing their resources to the startup. 

Nick Greenawalt, founder of Wanderers, shared: “As a fan of sci-fi movies growing up, it’s incredible to now be building a multimedia universe full of characters and stories.” Greenawalt added: “We’re blurring the line between web2 and web3, growing from stories and JPEGs into films, music, and gaming. I’m really excited to see how the community reacts to all we have coming.”
Yat Siu, executive chairman and co-founder of Animoca Brands, shared, “Wanderers is a prime example of innovation in IP, the brand succeeds thanks to its art, storytelling, and dedicated community of fans, and its NFTs are an excellent entry point into a universe of gaming, music, and entertainment.”

On the Flipside

  • Wanderers have announced in a recent blog post that it is launching a regular Minecraft server for its Wanderer World. 
  • The sci-fi brand has acquired land in many games. These include NFTWorlds, Otherside, World Wide Webb3, CryptoVoxels, and more. This is part of an initiative to establish its presence in the metaverse.

Why You Should Care

Wanderers has a vast ecosystem with original music, films, and NFTs. The startup’s colorful NFT ecosystem is reportedly very successful across all supported NFT marketplaces. Wanderers’ emphasis on storytelling through its ecosystem helps the sci-fi brand to build its case as a solid prospect for the Web3 gaming industry. Animoca Brands and GameFi Ventures’ investment could help Wanderers transition its aesthetically appealing NFT ecosystem into the Web3 gaming sphere and give it life. 



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