Amid Bitcoin’s Highs and Lows, BlockDAG’s Dashboard Boosts Sales 

Explore the latest crypto market trends: Bitcoin’s resistance and price swings, Polygon’s investor retreat, and BlockDAG’s upgraded dashboard enhancing transparency and user interaction.

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Crypto’s twists and turns reveal contrasting fortunes for major players. Bitcoin, despite recent highs, faces strong resistance and fluctuating prices. Polygon is witnessing a decline in investor confidence, with significant sell-offs and reduced activity. Meanwhile, BlockDAG Network stands out with its newly upgraded dashboard, enhancing user transparency and interaction. This update, featuring real-time transaction tracking and detailed leaderboards, underscores BlockDAG’s commitment to improving user experience amid shifting market conditions.

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Bitcoin’s Battle: Highs of $65,500 to Lows of $60,800

The leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, surged to a 12-day high of $65,500 but faced immediate resistance as bearish forces took over the market at the time of writing. Subsequently, in the following days, the price fell by several thousand dollars, reaching $60,800 by Thursday.

Then Bitcoin made another unsuccessful attempt to break out, peaking at $64,000 before dropping again to just above $60,000. Over the weekend, however, bulls managed to intercept the decline and initiate a minor recovery, stabilizing the price around $61,000.


After that BTC made an effort to breach $62,000 but was met with resistance, causing it to fall back to $60,800 earlier today. Nevertheless, in the past hour, the cryptocurrency has surged by over $2,000. At the time of writing, Bitcoin trades just below $63,000, and its market capitalization is approaching $1.25 trillion.

Polygon Whales Reduce Holdings to a Three-Month Low

Meanwhile, investors’ confidence in Polygon is waning, as evidenced by recent whale activity. Over the past week, addresses holding between 1 million and 10 million MATIC sold more than 21 million tokens, reducing their holdings to a three-month low. This $14.7 million sell-off indicates that large holders are trying to recoup their losses due to the lack of recovery, thus prompting them to lock in profits.

Furthermore, retail investors are also retreating, shown by a sharp decline in transaction volumes. Many MATIC holders are waiting for strong incentives to re-engage with the network. For instance, average transaction volumes have recently dropped from $77 million to $21 million at the time of writing. This lower network activity signals bearish trends, as decreased volatility leads to lower liquidity.

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Additionally, Polygon’s price has been consolidating between $0.65 and $0.75 for the past month. If bearish trends continue, the altcoin may fall to $0.60. However, renewed investor confidence and activity could push the price towards $0.80, breaking the $0.75 resistance.

Track, Rank, and Earn: Inside BlockDAG’s Upgraded Dashboard Features

Similarly, BlockDAG has launched its upgraded dashboard, significantly enhancing user transparency and interaction. Specifically, this upgraded dashboard features the My Transactions section, where users can track their purchase history, including amounts, stages, and currencies used, supporting over eight different currencies such as BTC, ETH, and USDT. Furthermore, the Live Transactions screen enables users to view real-time purchases and ranks them based on the USD amount spent. These rankings include categories from Crab ($0 – $99) to Whale ($50,000+). Additionally, the Leaderboard highlights the top 30 purchasers, and the Referral Screen tracks bonuses earned through referrals.

Moreover, celebrating its CoinMarketCap listing, BlockDAG hosted an event at London’s Piccadilly Circus, marking its continued market success and presale performance. As a result, each presale batch has seen a price increase, with Batch 12 currently priced at $0.008. Consequently, BlockDAG has raised $27.5 million through the sale of over 9.2 billion BDAG coins and 5,500 miners.

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Finally, BlockDAG’s X series devices, particularly the X10 miner, contribute to this success. The X10 offers a 100 MH/s hash rate. Its efficient, low-noise operation and plug-and-play setup make it suitable for both beginners and experts, thus combining performance, efficiency, and convenience.

The Last Say

The current state of cryptocurrencies presents a mixed picture. Bitcoin grapples with resistance and price volatility, while Polygon faces waning investor confidence and reduced activity. In contrast, BlockDAG’s upgraded dashboard offers enhanced transparency and user interaction, providing a robust tool for navigating the market. This update, with features like real-time transaction tracking and comprehensive leaderboards, highlights BlockDAG’s dedication to user experience, setting it apart in an ever-changing crypto landscape.

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