Alto Report Reveals Millennials Are Betting Their Financial Future on Crypto

Millennials are investing more in crypto than in mutual funds.

Alto Investment’s report, “How Millennials See Their Financial Future“, reveals that almost 40% of millennials have invested in crypto. 

Alto, in cooperation with an independent research firm, surveyed 2,000 adults with investment experience based in the United States. The research aimed to define investment preferences. According to the report, millennials aged 25 to 40 are investing more into crypto than in mutual funds.

Uncertainty Looms Over Financial Futures

The research revealed that up to 53 % of millennials are worried about being able to afford retirement. This uncertainty also spreads to how they may achieve their retirement goals.


“In a world of conspicuous consumption, soaring living costs, and mounting student loan debt, millennials are finding it difficult to invest for the future because they are struggling to afford the present,”the report revealed.

A majority of millennials now believe that it is harder for their generation to have a financially secure retirement than previous generations.

Distrust in the Stock Markets

The report unveiled that the surveyed adults find investing in the stock market to be too risky. Their main concerns revolve around the lack of faith held in the current market.

76% of millennials expressed concern that a market crash could wipe out their savings or investments, and as many as 74 % believe that the stock market is akin to gambling. 60% of survey participants feel that it is success in stock market investing is highly unlikely unless you are a professional investor.


This distrust in the stock markets has resulted in less than half (42%) of millennials being open to even the possibility of investing in the stock market. Of those who have invested in the stock market, 71% feel that their investment portfolios could be better diversified.

Interest in Alternative Assets

Millennials, in particular, showed specific interest in alternative assets, with 89% claiming a likelihood of investing in them. The ability to invest in areas that they care about was an important reason for this, as well as the potential to make large gains over time for that same preference.

The report revealed massive interest in crypto, with many of the millennials either already owning or considering an investment in crypto. Figures show that nearly 40% of millennial respondents have invested in crypto, a greater number than the percentage of millennials that own mutual funds. Moreover, the percentage is almost equal to the percentage millennials who owned stocks.

Survey participants currently holding crypto mentioned that they were likely to add crypto to their retirement portfolios. The report highlights that 70% of millennials who own crypto and have individual retirement accounts hold their digital assets in their IRA.

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