Crypto Mixers Under Fire: Pertsev Freed from Dutch Detention

Blockchain developer Alex Pertsev resurfaces on Twitter after being arrested over allegations of laundering nearly a billion dollars in crypto.

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  • Blockchain developer Alexey Pertsev re-emerges on Twitter after nine months of silence.
  • Dutch authorities arrested Pertsev in August 2020, accusing him of laundering over 500,000 ETH.
  • The arrest sparked controversy in the crypto community over open-source coding and criminal investigations.

The intersection of cryptocurrency and law enforcement has always been a contentious issue, with regulators struggling to keep pace with the rapidly-evolving digital landscape. 

After a long silence, Alexey Pertsev has resurfaced on Twitter, sparking renewed interest in his case and the broader issue of regulatory oversight in cryptocurrency.

Pertsev, a prominent blockchain developer, recently resurfaced on Twitter after being arrested by Dutch authorities in August last year. “Sorry I was afk for a while, what did I miss?” he wrote in a recent tweet.

Denied Bail: Pertsev Faces Surveillance Until Trial 

The arrest of Pertsev was ordered by the Dutch financial crime authority (FIOD) over allegations of money laundering involving more than 500,000 ETH through Tornado Cash, a crypto mixer under sanctions. 


Prosecutors claimed that Pertsev had laundered nearly a billion dollars worth of cryptocurrency at current prices.

Pertsev was denied bail on at least one occasion due to concerns that he had access to caches of digital assets and posed a flight risk, with the possibility of destroying evidence if released. 

Pertsev will be required to wear an ankle monitor and cannot leave the property, with surveillance systems installed by Dutch authorities to monitor his movements until the trial.

The delayed release of Pertsev has sparked criticism from the crypto community over the treatment of open-source coding by law enforcement agencies. 


Regulators globally have taken a stance against crypto mixers that enable users to obscure the origins of their transactions, with Tornado Cash and crypto tumbler ChipMixer being targeted by authorities.

Despite the setback, Pertsev’s legal team is putting more effort into his defense. The investigative hearing scheduled for May 24 will provide further insight into the case, with the crypto community eagerly watching developments in this high-profile legal case.

On the Flipside

  • The authorities’ action could be part of a broader crackdown on crypto mixers used for illicit activities.
  • The legal case against Alexey Pertsev raises questions about the role of blockchain developers in ensuring that their technology is not used for illegal purposes. While open-source coding has many benefits, bad actors could also abuse it.
  • The arrest of Pertsev also highlights the need for regulators to create a clear legal framework for cryptocurrencies and related technologies.

Why You Should Care

The lack of clear regulations around crypto mixers has ultimately led to increased scrutiny by global regulators and law enforcement agencies. The arrest of Pertsev highlights the increasing efforts by authorities to crack down on cryptocurrency-related money laundering.

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