THORChain (RUNE): Price Updates, Recent Developments, Future Events, Community

THORChain (RUNE) has had an outstanding rally, doubling its price in one week, setting a 90-day high in the process.

  • THORChain (RUNE) has had an outstanding rally, doubling its price in one week, setting a 90-day high in the process
  • RUNE began rallying after THORChain announced the reactivation of its pools
  • THORChain has scheduled its mainnet launch for the Christmas holidays
  • Nine Realms Capital is currently working on integrating Terra (LUNA) into the THORChain network

Earlier this year, THORChain experienced a number of protocol breaches, which saw approximately $8 million being siphoned from its reserves. In addition, the network breach took a significant toll on the price of its native token, RUNE

RUNE fell from its all-time high of $21.26 in May to as low as $3.2 in July. After months of inactivity, THORChain announced that it would reactivate its Ethereum pool, causing a major change of events for the token.

Price Updates

The reactivation of some of THORChain’s pools, including Ethereum, sparked a significant rally that has seen the price of RUNE jump by more than 100% in one week.


The price rally saw RUNE climb from as low as $7.2 to a 90-day high of $13.96. At the time of this writing, RUNE trades at $12.7068. THORChain is ranked as the 52nd largest crypto, with a market cap of $3.291 billion.

The seven-day price chart of THORChain (RUNE). Source: Tradingview

If RUNE consolidates, remaining in the $12 territory, the coin is predicted to experience a strong movement anytime. If there is a strong bullish push, RUNE could rally up to $15.5 before sellers kick in. $20 remains the long-term target for RUNE.

This week, the protocol announced that it would reopen its Ethereum pool, along with other altcoin and BTC-based pools, and the announcement appears to be having a positive impact on RUNE price.


Just days after THORChain reopened its pools, the network announced that there are over 500 layer1 (real) Bitcoin in the THORChain network. The funds are currently owned by 1,488 liquidity providers on the network. 

On October 26, THORChain announced the addition of 30m RUNE tokens to the network reserve. The tokens were generated from swapping BEP2 (Binance) RUNE to the native RUNE tokens. The new tokens will be used to pay out to nodes and liquidity pools.

Future Events

THORChain plans on giving its users the best gift on Christmas. THORChain has scheduled a mainnet migration by Christmas. The Mainnet launch of THORChain will bring unlimited staking to the network.

Expanding its reach in the decentralized economy, THORChain has hinted at an upcoming partnership with Terra (LUNA). Terra is a blockchain protocol that uses fiat-pegged stablecoins to power price-stable global payments systems.

The integration of Terra into the THORChain network is currently being worked on by Nine Realms Capital. However, THORChain did not give a specific date for the integration of Terra into the THORChain network.

Developers on the network have released a teaser for an update on the ThorYield app. The update shares images showing new futures on the yield app but does not peg a date for the release of the ThorYield app Version 2.

On The Flipside

  • While THORChain leads the development segment, it remains one of the lesser-known crypto projects
  • According to its report, 98% of the world’s population have yet to hear about THORChain (RUNE)


THORChain has been one of the most community-involved blockchain projects. THORChain isn’t profit-oriented, unlike most crypto projects, as all fees generated by the protocol go directly to the users.

Users who have been with the project through its major losses and downswings form the core of its community. These members are ardent believers in the project and hold a bullish stance about the future of the project. 

@Crypto_Euphoria, a user who has stuck with the project since hitting rock bottom in July, tweeted:

As the Ethereum network was reactivated, @TheRuneRanger, an ardent believer in THORChain, wrote;

Clearly pleased with the performance of RUNE, @CryptosBatman, wrote;

As the price of THORChain soared, financial analyst Zack Guzmán wrote:

As RUNE soared, @tauseef82 shared this advice:

Why You Should Care?

THORChain, although in a recovery phase, remains a promising project with a lot of potential. The network combines a range of novel technologies, including one that helps mitigate “impermanent losses” and a TSS protocol to facilitate cross-chain token swaps seamlessly. 

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