Telos (TLOS): Price Updates, Recent Developments, Future Events, Community

TLOS, the native token of the Telos blockchain, has been on a good run this week with a 39% rise to $0.676.

  • Telos, a third-generation blockchain that prides itself on speed and feeless transactions, is pushing for more adoption with utilities in gaming and NFTs.
  • TLOS, the native token of the Telos blockchain, has been on a good run this week with a 39% rise to $0.676.
  • The Telos community is growing fast as the blockchain has kept to its ideal of being decentralized, giving absolute power to token holders. 
  • There could be nothing stopping the future of this blockchain: Experts weigh in on the utilities and prospects for mass adoption.

Blockchain technology is becoming more entrenched in more areas of society, and developers are steadily improving their projects to solve current problems. However, the Ethereum blockchain, which is the top DeFi application blockchain, has had its shortcomings due to congestion, which has led to the rise of Telos and other blockchains. 

Telos is a third-generation blockchain that is fast and feeless. Telos records a transaction speed of 10,000 per second while being environmentally friendly. The Telos Ethereum Virtual Machine has made it the perfect destination for developers, and its blockchain currently has over 100 applications and counting. 

Telos Price Update

Telos was launched in 2018 without an ICO or VC funding, yet its utility and community have pushed it far. 


Still a sub $1 coin, TLOS currently trades at 0.610 and is ranked as the 299th largest crypto. Over the last 24 hours, TLOS is down by 5.5%.

Price chart of Telos (TLOS). Source: Trading View

However, the price of Telos has gained ground, with a 39% increase in the last seven days. If it maintains this growth, Telos could be well above $1 before the end of the year. Starting the year at $0.015, Telos has made rapid progress so far. 

Recent Developments and Future Events

Telos broke onto the scene with its top-notch technology and is constantly improving to reach the desired level. 


“Too fast, too furious”

The Telos EVM demo went live on the 1st of September, 2021, making it the fastest and most efficient Ethereum Virtual Machine so far. 

Users can take advantage of this and swap, provide liquidity, and earn on the EVM. In addition, Telos has announced that the EVM will be open source to enable developers to launch their DeFi platform on the EVM. 

In another development, Telos has been listed on after passing the vote to make it to the exchange. At first, BEP 20 and ERC 20 deposits and withdrawals will be supported, and native withdrawals and deposits will soon be added. 

On The Flipside

  • Telos is up against a lot from all angles. At the forefront is Ethereum, which is still miles ahead, and there’s still high competition from other third-generation blockchains like Cardano. 
  • Although Telos has gained 39% this week, its price has fluctuated throughout this year and may fall back to sub $1 even if it reaches that milestone.


The community behind Telos has been key so far in its growth as it started without an ICO or VC funding. Instead, Telos has created a decentralized system, giving the power to coin holders along with many stakeholders and developers. Heather Nichol, a strong believer in the project, wrote;

The creation of an open network has allowed everyone to create and make contributions to the network to reach its goal.  

Telos has recorded over 900,000 users on the network and has 50 validator teams with 35 core developers. Telos has a market capitalization of $163,335,144 with a current coin circulation of 270,123,444 coins. 

The community behind Telos is basking in the euphoria of the Telos EVM. Twitter user @ndfrek wrote: 

Another Twitter user, @pityshiller, gave an optimistic forecast following the launch of the EVM.

Why You Should Care?

Telos is a third-generation blockchain currently pushing to get more adoption. The launch of the fastest EVM is only the beginning of what is to come for Telos. Telos is working on adding more projects to its blockchain ranging from NFT, gaming, etc. This is the right time to own Telos before it has a massive price surge. 

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