Startups Get a Boost with ChainGPT’s $1M AI Grant Program

ChainGPT’s $1 million grant initiative aims to accelerate Web3-AI innovation by supporting startups with advanced blockchain AI tools.

Robot hand reaching towards crypto coins which are tangled in network chain.
  • ChainGPT unveils a $1 million initiative to fund Web3-AI startup innovation.
  • Beneficiaries gain access to more than just funding.
  • ChainGPT highlights several notable early grant recipients in the AI blockchain space.

The rapid advance of artificial intelligence (AI) has created opportunities for integration with blockchain technology. ChainGPT, a leading provider of AI-powered Web3 infrastructure, seeks to unlock this untapped potential. 


With a $1 million grant program, ChainGPT aims to support startups pioneering the convergence of AI and blockchain. This initiative underscores the potential synergies between these two technologies. 

ChainGPT’s Grant for Empowering AI Blockchain Innovation

On Monday, March 11, ChainGPT officially launched its grant program to bolster innovation at the nexus of AI and blockchain. With a fund totaling up to $1 million, the initiative is designed to provide financial support across three tiers: scaling-focused growth grants, builder grants for early-stage innovation, and research grants for exploratory projects.

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Source: ChainGPT

The program aims to eliminate entry barriers for startups, providing them with funding and access to ChainGPT’s extensive suite of AI-powered tools and services. These include APIs and SDKs tailored for blockchain applications, enabling startups to innovate and scale their solutions efficiently. 

ChainGPT’s Early Grant Winners

Among the program’s early beneficiaries are projects like Kryptomon, GT Protocol, and Cookie3, each representing innovative applications of AI in blockchain. Kryptomon brings a unique gaming experience, GT Protocol opens new avenues in DeFi and CeFi through conversational AI, and Cookie3 enhances marketing analytics within the Web3 ecosystem. 

However, the project is still accepting applications that are open through an online platform. To assess the application, ChainGPT’s team looks at each startup’s potential impact, innovation level, and alignment with the program’s objectives. Successful applicants can receive up to $50 thousand in funding, distributed in USDT, and credits for ChainGPT’s products. 

On the Flipside

  • Merging AI’s capabilities with blockchain’s decentralized nature presents complex technical challenges, especially regarding the scalability of AI algorithms on distributed networks.
  • AI also presents data privacy and security challenges, which become more challenging in decentralized applications. 

Why This Matters

Grant programs like ChainGPT’s are essential to driving technological advancements in blockchain and AI. These grants allow small startups to get their project off the ground without sacrificing equity. 


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