Solana Gets TipLink App for Easier Payments on Mobile

TipLink’s new Solana wallet adapter eliminates complex interfaces and seed phrases, making crypto transactions easier for all users.

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  • TipLink launches a new wallet adapter for Solana apps.
  • Solana integration simplifies crypto transfers and usage.
  • Complexity is one of the main barriers to crypto adoption. 

Despite the benefits of privacy and low fees, crypto payments have struggled to pick up among the mass market. A large part of the reason for that is the inherent complexity of crypto transactions, which is intimidating for most potential users. However, this could soon change, thanks to a new generation of user-friendly crypto apps. 


One of these apps is TipLink, which recently launched its mobile app. The app allows for easy, simple, and crypto payments in Solana and promises to bring crypto to a mass audience. 

On Tuesday, June 11, TipLink introduced an app that dramatically simplifies crypto transactions. Designed as a wallet adapter for Solana applications, the app hopes to tackle the common issues with crypto wallets. These include having to remember complex seed phrases, the risk of errors, and relying on browser extensions. 

The core feature of TipLink’s offering is the ability to create and send digital asset links—TipLinks—via any communication platform, such as text messages, emails, or social media. These links function as wallets, allowing recipients to log in with their Gmail accounts to secure their crypto assets. 

This method simplifies crypto transfers significantly, removing the traditional complexities associated with crypto transactions. With this more user-friendly, TipLink seeks to enhance the overall experience for both new and existing users of digital assets.

TipLink’s wallet adapter offers several key advantages. It enhances security by eliminating the need for seed phrases, which are often vulnerable to loss or theft. Instead, users can secure their assets using their Gmail accounts, providing a familiar and less intimidating security measure.


Other than a better user experience, the app offers several other advantages. For one, the app is non-custodial, meaning that users retain full control over their wallets. This is crucial for security, custodial wallet providers are vulnerable to hacks and in a position to do exit scams. 

TipLink’s website states that the app currently takes no fees, but users still have to pay Solana gas fees. This could potentially change in the future as the company looks for ways to monetize and adds another layer of fees. 

In the meantime, if the app is successful, it will likely inspire other crypto apps to copy its interface and features, helping to make crypto payments easy for everyone. 

On the Flipside

  • In May, TON Foundation partnered with Oobit to launch stablecoin transfers for a “tap and pay” crypto experience.  
  • If apps like TipLink become popular enough, regulation will likely become an issue. Regular bank transfers are subject to anti-money laundering laws, which crypto transfers bypass.  

Why This Matters

TipLink’s wallet adapter for Solana is a significant step towards making cryptocurrency more accessible and user-friendly. By simplifying the user experience, TipLink could attract more people to crypto.

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