Satoshi Settlement Offer Met With Calls For “No Mercy”

Craig Wright’s offer to settle ongoing Satoshi identity lawsuits has been met with a fierce response, urging litigants to proceed.

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  • Craig Wright extends settlement offer to end ongoing UK lawsuits.
  • The general community response urges litigants to continue legal proceedings.
  • The terms of the settlement offer are deemed one-sided.

Craig Wright first laid claim to being Satoshi Nakamoto in a 2015 Wired interview and has been aggressively defending that line ever since. Following a string of lawsuits against challengers of that claim, Wright now finds himself as the defendant in a legal fight brought by the Crypto Open Patents Alliance (COPA) organization.

COPA is contesting Wright’s attempted restrictions over using the Bitcoin whitepaper on copyright infringement grounds. The latest twist in the saga saw the bombshell reveal that documents verifying Wright’s authorship of the whitepaper were forged, leading to an offer of settlement from the Bitcoin SV creator. However, past lawsuit victims have urged litigants to show “no mercy” to Wright.

Victims of Satoshi Identity Lawsuits Speak

Podcaster Peter McCormack, who was sued by Wright for defamation in 2023, called for litigants to show “no mercy” because he almost lost everything due to the lawsuit. McCormack contended that the tactics used by Wright and BSV advocate Calvin Ayre show they are willing to destroy lives to uphold the Satoshi claim.

Hodlonaunt, aka Magnus Granath, echoed McCormack’s sentiment by detailing the psychological and emotional toll of fighting Wright’s litigation efforts. Granath stated that a refusal to acknowledge Wright as Satoshi was met with private intelligence surveillance, threats of bankruptcy, and anonymous menacing phone calls. All the while, he was dealing with his father’s cancer diagnosis, who subsequently passed in 2020.   


While past victims of Wright’s legal barrage reacted most fiercely, wider crypto community observers also roundly dismissed his settlement attempt as unrealistic.

No Settlement Envisioned

While past lawsuit victims at the hands of Wright reacted with a resounding call for no mercy and no settlement, wider crypto observers also mocked the settlement offer, citing it as a one-sided deal. Podcaster “Artie Fan Belt” expects COPA to reject the settlement as it offers nothing they demand from Wright. 

Self-titled Bitcoin fundamentalist “a void (leaks)” chimed in to mention that the settlement is a “last ditch hail mary attempt” to lessen repercussions, now that evidence suggests Wright did not write the Bitcoin whitepaper. A void (leaks) added that the settlement terms are so “insane and ridiculous” that they “will never be accepted.”  

On the Flipside

  • Wright’s settlement terms include the conditions that litigants acknowledge he is Satoshi and that BSV is the true Bitcoin.
  • McCormack lost the defamation lawsuit against Wright, but the judge awarded just £1 compensatory damages due to the false evidence Wright had provided.
  • The Norweigan Court sided with Granath, determining that there was no credible evidence to prove Wright was Satoshi. 

Why This Matters

The outright rejection and calls for “no mercy” towards Wright’s proposal highlight the deep resentment his past legal actions have stirred. By doggedly pursuing perceived enemies over his contested Satoshi identity, Wright now faces calls for a courtroom debunking.

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