Rainmaker Launches the World’s First Fantasy Cryptocurrency Gaming Platform

  • Indian-situated platform ‘Rainmaker’ has just released its brand new fantasy cryptocurrency and stock game.
  • The game is aimed at cryptocurrency lovers and those who wish to learn more about this category of asset and the stock market.
  • Players have the option to choose from around 20 different formats of free contests and available payment options.

Rainmaker, the world’s first fantasy digital money game, was launched in India this week with the aim of offering a new and entertaining cryptocurrency business experience to players, and others curious of the emerging sector.

India is the second country in the world to adopt crypto assets, and Rainmaker has sought to revolutionize the experience around the use of cryptocurrencies through gamification and knowledge exchange supported by live events.

Rainmaker, which aims to achieve democratization of knowledge, has been authored to fantasy league-style game lovers who are interested in learning about cryptocurrencies and the stock market in a fun, engaging way.

The platform has the virtue of offering an experience quite similar to reality through the gamification of operations. It also guides players in acquiring the analytical skills necessary to manage crypto asset portfolios.

Reproducing the Real Stock Exchanges of India

The game is available for new users on the App Store and Google Play. The type of experience that the Rainmaker platform offers players is quite similar to that of a fantasy sports league, but of the Indian stock market, while at the same time reproducing the activity of real stock exchanges in the Asian country.

Rainmaker’s fantasy crypto gaming is connected to a real global cryptocurrency exchange. It also makes use of data and references from live events taking place in other parts of the world. Once in the game, players will have the opportunity to make real, safe exchanges, while enjoying a fantasy league style environment.

On the platform, players can choose from a variety of different free contest formats and available payment options. They can also exit the game when deemed prudent, giving the player greater control over their money, whether winning or losing.

A Game for Those Searching for “High Octane Fun”

"While India's love of cryptocurrency trading has surpassed that of the US and China, knowledge on how to maximize investment in cryptocurrency trading remains limited," 

commented Rainmaker founder and CEO Harsh Himmatsingka.

"With Rainmaker, we hope not only to attract the crypto literate, but also those who are unsure but curious about cryptocurrencies,"

he added.

He revealed that “India’s stock market is witnessing increased participation from a broader group of people with young professionals quickly joining the fray.” Many of which come from “tier II and III cities, which is encouraging and a strong indicator of a growing investment and earnings mindset.”

Finally, Himmatsingka  said it is expected that, through Rainmaker, they will be able to “further promote this trajectory. And for the many gaming enthusiasts simply looking for high-octane fun, Rainmaker offers the right mix of adrenaline and insights to create a satisfying experience”.

On The Flipside

  • Behind Rainmaker is tech startup ‘First Stock Contest Limited,’ established this year in the real money gaming (RMG) sector.
  • The company wants to revolutionize the RMG sector by creating innovative and unique products in design and technology.
  • It states that their goal is to create learning options based on gamification that offer the possibility of generating wealth in a sustainable way.

Why You Should Care?

  • Rainmaker is the world’s first fantasy legal stock exchange and cryptocurrency gaming app targeting all walks of life in a country as stratified as India.
  • FSCL is a pioneer in India in terms of its user engagement strategy and business philosophy, based on mass education.
  • It has set itself the goal of bringing together crypto enthusiasts from India and around the world on a single platform.


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