UFO Gaming Launches The Alpha Version Of Their Debut Game Super Galactic

The previous week, the team held a 3-day campaign that enabled 1,000 community members to try out the alpha version of the new decentralized game. Due to popular demand, they increased that number to 1200.

Super Galactic is the debut game from UFO Gaming ecosystem

Super Galactic is an Arcade Action game (ARG game) that lets users breed digital super soldiers (NFT’s) and use them to go to battle. It’s built on the Ethereum blockchain while integrated with the Polygon network. This guarantees low gas fees and minimized transaction times.

The blockchain game combines a decentralized auto battler with an NFT collection of digital assets. These digital super soldiers are warriors that landed on a scavenged world with an alien race that threatens the peace of the world.

In order to play, users need these playable NFT characters that work as game assets. Players can mint these game NFT’s by providing liquidity and staking. This can be in the form of the native UFO token or UFO-ETH LP for plasma points inside the staking dApp.

Only 10,000 genesis NFT’s will be minted. Each will hold exceptional value and increase its price over time.

1,200 lucky users who participated in a campaign were randomly chosen to be the first Super Galactic players ever.

Players who will play the alpha version of the game will test out items and features. These include two characters, two weapons, and some powers and abilities. When a player discovers a bug, they can report them on the official Discord platform or the native feedback system.

The alpha testing stage is there to iron out any preliminary bugs or glitches. It will also help remove other errors that testers might find while testing the Dark Metaverse. This is to ensure that it will deliver a flawless gameplay experience to players once the full version is released. This stage will last for about three weeks.

UFO Gaming has released this limited alpha version of which will not feature any of the decentralized mechanics of blockchain integration. This will help fine-tune the gameplay for the soon-to-be-released official version.

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