Trackgood Brings Supply Chain Transparency to Italy’s Oldest Coffee Roasters

Using blockchain in supply chain management means businesses can provide insight into their supply chains to show the positive impact they are making on society.

Blockchain-powered transparency platform Trackgood empowers 150-year old Italian roastery with complete coffee supply chain traceability.
Consumers increasingly want to know where the products they are purchasing are coming from to ensure ethical sourcing and sustainable business practices. The use of blockchains in supply chain management means businesses can provide transparent insight into their supply chains to showcase the positive impact they are making on society.

Blockchain supply chain visibility made simple

Trackgood is a supply chain tracking and impact tracing tool that enables brands to build transparency in their supply chain with ease – and share their impact stories with their customers to back their sustainability claims.


Powered by NEM’s Symbol blockchain, Trackgood enables supply chain visibility by recording each step along an enterprise’s supply chain on the blockchain to provide an immutable record that can be viewed by consumers through an easy-to-use mobile app.

Brands can use the tool to implement sustainability strategies into their business model, track the movement of goods, and ensure compliance in traceability matters.

Trackgood partners with Caffè Barbera to provide coffee supply chain traceability

Several brands are currently utilising Trackgood to bring traceability and transparency to their supply processes and improve their relationships with their consumers and the environment.


Caffè Barbera, the oldest coffee roasting company in Italy, is one of those companies. Through Trackgood, Caffè Barbera began embracing the blockchain to validate its supply chain and share the long journey of its coffee – from the plantation to the cup – with its customers.

Elio Barbera, MD of Café Barbera, said: ”Thanks to the implementation of a decentralised blockchain protocol capable of validating our precious supply chain and demonstrating to our consumers the long journey of coffee, from the plantation to the cup, we have emphasized an aspect that is fundamental for us: To make known to all the positive impact that a shared policy between all the players in the supply chain can have on society and the environment.”

For a company that started over 150 years ago, this was a bold step in keeping up with the times, especially since the use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies is increasing on a daily basis. In fact, the roastery even allows its consumers to purchase their favourite coffee using cryptocurrency on its eCommerce site.

By scanning a QR code on their smartphones, Caffè Barbera users can discover the places and faces of those who make sure that coffee gets to their table. They can access the images of plantations, profiles of the farmers, the quality certificates, lot numbers, and even travel documents. The certified public information is counterfeit-proof due to the Symbol blockchain protocol, whose operational function is a cryptographic hash that confirms authenticity.

“Imagine the possibility to access information of the product you did not have access to. Imagine the possibility of buying your favourite organic product in a grocery store and actually being able to download the certificates which attest that the product is Organic or BIO certified,”

Elio added.

“The challenge we wanted to take up is an aspect related to a specific consumer need that can no longer be overlooked. In fact, 96% of this group is convinced that products from sustainable sources and made according to ethical principles can really make a difference for the planet. And 88% of them want brands to do their part to make this information always accessible and at their fingertips. A challenge that Caffè Barbera has taken up with us and that we are sure will bring further value to the work that the historic brand has been carrying out with passion and seriousness for over 150 years,”

explained John Hussey, founder of Trackgoo

For Caffè Barbera, this move is fundamental to the company since it wants to show how having a shared policy and transparency between all the actors in the supply chain can have a positive impact on society and the environment. And, they are not the only ones.

Other brands Trackgood is working with include Duffle&Co, a luxury handcrafted bags company that unites ethical production with naturally derived sustainable materials, Greenfern Industries, a company that produces therapeutic and wellness products that improve the lives of people by providing a more holistic approach to health, and Kapes, a closed-loop, tech-enabled eCommerce company with a social mission of providing sustainable school uniforms that help make the world a better place.

Every company utilising Trackgood is playing a role in impacting the progression of the Sustainable Development Goals, which the entire planet is working towards. With each product mapped and tracked using Trackgood, multiple UN SDG goals are impacted. For example, the impact of Ethiopia Sidamo – a product of Caffè Barbera – can be easily tracked by following its journey from the Ethiopian highlands to consumers all around the world.

The sustainable practises used in the growing, harvesting and distribution of the Ethiopia Sidamo impacts several SDG goals. Through Trackgood, SDG goal 12, responsible consumption and production, is impacted by the mapping of each step in the production process, which helps in reducing wastage in the supply chain. Furthermore, Trackgood also maps the people who are involved in the production process, showing how their lives are impacted. This helps Caffe Baberra to demonstrate how they are contributing to SDG goal 1 (no poverty) and 8 (decent work and economic growth).

Trackgood is raising funds

For Trackgood, the growth of its operation is essential to fulfilling its mission of empowering sustainability and transparency to help brands share their impact stories and back their claims.

Trackgood has been receiving continuous support over the years from NEM Ventures, a venture capital firm that invests in projects building on the NEM blockchain, and is currently in the process of raising more capital.

Trackgood is having an ongoing pre-seed capital raise, which is currently 75% filled, and open to more investments. This capital raise will enable the company to make a difference in the lives of its consumers and the world at large.

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